The Electoral Integrity Project has released a scathing report on the state of the democratic process in North Carolina, likening the integrity of the state’s electoral process to that of Cuba, Sierra Leone and Indonesia. According to EIP political scientist Andrew Reynolds, his home state of NC should "no longer considered to be a fully functioning democracy".


Paul Sinclair’s first Dreamland on August 14, 2015 was a real marvel, one of the best and most well-documented stories of a UFO encounter (his own) ever put on the record anywhere.

During that show, he promised us that he’d bee back with more information about the ultra-high-strangeness that the community he lives in experiences on a daily basis.

This Dreamland is one incredible adventure led for us by a researcher who knows what he is doing. Enjoy a fabulous journey to an isolated corner of Yorkshire in England. But is it really so isolated? It would seem not…

We’re all quite familiar with how intelligent an individual can be when compared to the thick-headedness that is often displayed by mob mentality, a phenomenon that can make the collective intelligence of groups appear to be a hopeless throwback to more primitive times. But conversely, history has also seen numerous examples of large groups surpassing a problem that the collective is faced with — so long as the group is collectively focused on the question at hand.

The question is, how do we provide that focus for large groups, so that the collective wisdom that can come from that emerges more reliably? The answer to that, according to a new Silicon Valley startup, is bees.