Begin the new year on a positive note with Dreamland and Whitley Strieber! We’ve all tried positive thinking techniques, and have all discovered the same thing–they often don’t work. But what DOES work? Find out on Dreamland’s New Year’s special with expert Mitch Horowitz.

Does the Bible include references to alien contact? If so, what were they doing here and how did they change our history? Rev. Michael J.S. Carter explodes the myths and the denial, and reveals the truth, in this powerful interview with Whitley and Anne Strieber. Join us for this joyous Christmas adventure into some of the hidden wonders of mankind’s true past, guided by one of the great experts in the field.

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Most of us have drifted far from the embrace of nature, but not everybody, and Tamarack Song is one of those people who has found the truth path of consciousness that is on offer everywhere in the natural world. This week on Dreamland, we join him on a journey through the forest, learning about its secrets and the powerful reconnection to ourselves that is on offer.

Bentwaters UFO witness John Burroughs is facing open heart surgery for a heart problem believed to be related to some sort of unusual radiation, and he cannot get the Air Force to release his medical records. Burroughs was extremely close to the craft that came to rest in Rendlesham Forest, and along with other close witnesses, disappeared for 45 minutes.

Linda Moulton Howe, in this riveting report, chronicles the efforts of senate leaders and others to obtain Burroughs’ medical records, without success. At one point, the Air Force even denied that Burroughs had been in the organization. Its refusal to give him his records is, to say the least, extremely unusual, and its further refusal even when pressured by members of congress, is unprecedented.