Bentwaters UFO witness John Burroughs is facing open heart surgery for a heart problem believed to be related to some sort of unusual radiation, and he cannot get the Air Force to release his medical records. Burroughs was extremely close to the craft that came to rest in Rendlesham Forest, and along with other close witnesses, disappeared for 45 minutes.

Linda Moulton Howe, in this riveting report, chronicles the efforts of senate leaders and others to obtain Burroughs’ medical records, without success. At one point, the Air Force even denied that Burroughs had been in the organization. Its refusal to give him his records is, to say the least, extremely unusual, and its further refusal even when pressured by members of congress, is unprecedented.

Linda reports not only on what happened to Burroughs, but also discusses his case with the attorney involved in what is now a lawsuit to obtain these records, which are needed by the doctors who are attempting to save John Burroughs’ life.

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  1. your low bandwidth subscriber
    your low bandwidth subscriber file seems to be the same as the dreamland file.

  2. Oh my!
    Oh my!

  3. The Heart of Compassion is
    The Heart of Compassion is broken in two by the recognition of what Paul Levy has called “wetiko”: a tangle of such vast sprawling Greed and Corruption and Secrecy AND, unimaginable
    Heartlessness that I am incapacitated with hopelessness for our future. To what extent the “GOOD” manifests in our world, this we must embrace with both arms in the run-up to our apparent disintegration.

  4. the path less travelled there
    the path less travelled there are so many. it breaks my heart that this has happened to you and Ann and god only knows how many others. its hard to feel hopeful; only helplessness and insignificance

  5. This is such startling
    This is such startling information. It may answer questions about my health, too.

    About 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer; the entire gland was removed. My endocrinologist asked me if I could remember being exposed to radiation at any time in my life. I told him I couldn’t. He said that he and other doctors had been noticing more and more cases of thyroid cancer in recent years. (Apparently radiation is the main cause of this cancer.) My short-term memory has been nearly non-existent for some time now.

    My son is experiencing similar problems, though the thyroid “growths” are not determined to be malignant yet.

    My heart cries for those who are suffering, whether human or dear animal companions…

    Cyan_Aura – re: your comments a week or two ago – I tried to respond to your question about the believability of the video interview you posted, but I was having computer problems. I just don’t know what to think about that interview.

  6. Along with Sean MacMillan I
    Along with Sean MacMillan I also am able to get only the Dreamland file.

    1. I believe Col. Corso was the
      I believe Col. Corso was the “real deal” – I’ll just leave it at that.

  7. I know three different people
    I know three different people who’ve told me their separate stories about miraculous saves like Linda’s during what looked like inevitable car crashes. Theirs were told as if cars passed through each other without a bit of harm. Wonder how often this happens? And of course I wonder how.

  8. Rendelsham fits in with the
    Rendelsham fits in with the time travel cover-up. The E.T.s can travel the cosmos because they can negate distance by time travel. The flash of light that irradiated your cat was probably a hyperspace jump. Remember what the sailors experienced in hyperspace during the Philadelphia experiment. The intense energies drove those mad that survived it. John probably walked through a portal or dimensional rift which this device created and experienced a dimensional shift into somewhere else and this might be the root of his problem. One of the major reasons the governments won’t disclose is because of the time travel E.T. connection. If our governments have otherworldly craft and are back engineering them do you think they want to share their progress and knowledge of time travel with the masses?. If our universe is comprised of many time spaces what does that say about space travel and are their agreements between our world and other such worlds being kept hidden from us? Experiencers can be effected by different energies adversely. This is also a big hurdle in contact with otherworldly beings because these beings emanate auras and energies unlike our own and they can adversely affect the human body and can cause health problems.

  9. The longer a lie is allowed
    The longer a lie is allowed to continue the harder it is to tell the truth.

  10. Whitley and Linda, thank you
    Whitley and Linda, thank you for opening your hearts to us; lots of tears shed over this interview.

    Linda, once in a while I hear that little voice too. That little voice is there for everyone if they would just listen.

    This is what I believe to be true. It is going to take a big event to change humankind with all our secret agendas; we are way too entrenched in tribe like behavior which also includes governments. Foundations must be broken down/crumble, thus, changing our perception of reality.

    For many years I have had this feeling that there is a life changing cosmic pulse in our planets future and Comet Ison was our wakeup call.

    My niece called on December 2nd and was insistent that I watch the movie below, so insistent, as a matter of fact, I watched it that very evening. After viewing it, I realized it was exactly what was needed to reinforce the COMET ISON. It felt like I was supposed to be reminded of the importance of this comet; an almost big event that most of the population will soon forget unless one is studying it, BUT, something did happen with this comet, maybe it cannot be measured but I believe it brings with it, change.

    Perhaps subtle in the beginning but change nevertheless. Comet Ison had its own agenda that did not meet human expectations. Ison is the prelude to something bigger coming our way.

    Linda, you spoke of your THOUGHT VOICE.

    A still small voice is quoted a few times in this movie (with fire). The Nativity Story.

  11. Whitley & Anne, my blessings
    Whitley & Anne, my blessings to you both. May you be protected from further harm–in fact, may you be healed. What a strange time we’re living in. But there is always, always hope & goodness.

  12. Whitley,
    I think it is as

    I think it is as simple as this: Some sort of black covert government, has traded the souls of their fellow humans for power. The human race is truly in the grip of an evil entity squeezing – squeezing. Every time the human race exhales, the grip tightens.

    Don’t forget too, that the VA had a huge fire in St. Louis, they said that many records were “lost”.

    BTW, my older brother was destroyed and killed by agent orange. after suffering many years with horrendous cancers……… I know how they can stone wall. The VA got their wish, my brother is dead.

    This interview is deeply personal as well, beyond my brother – which I don’t feel comfortable discussing…..

    And yes, you are SO right about the dark feeling when entering DC – I used to be highly cleared and spent allot of time there (I always felt “unclean” after returning home). It truly is a place not of normal human thought, there is a perverse and tangible evil. – as I became “awake” I could no longer work in and around this – whatever it is – government?? – and I made the conscious decision that I was done with it. I did not care if I waitress-ed (an honorable profession) bar tended (another honorable profession) or opened my guitar case on the corner (also honorable) – I SAW the evil and was finished with them. Anyway – That’s all I would prefer to say.

  13. Given the seriousness of the
    Given the seriousness of the implications of the military’s refusal to release medical records in this case, I would not be surprised if they do not also ‘take steps’ to ensure that Mr Burroughs is removed, whether due to heart failure of not. My advice to Mr. Burroughs and his allies is to keep him under watchful protection at all times, including in hospital. It is crunch time, for those secret factions in government and the military are being pushed by increasing public awareness and pressure for disclosure to what could turn out to be devastating measures to perpetuate their lies. We must be prepared, and especially all those who have the courage to speak up about UFOs and alien presence, to keep our heads and stand firm for the truth. Thank you and that wonderful woman, Linda Moulton-Howe for your courageous and unwavering commitment to truth and disclosure. You will help to set the truth free, and I thank you.

  14. this made me hug my cat a
    this made me hug my cat a little bit harder tonight. the pain is like losing a child. not many years ago I had two that passed. very hard not to shed tears. they were my best friends, and my family. im sorry for the pain you had to go through.

  15. I’ve had shoddy medical
    I’ve had shoddy medical treatment from the V.A. but I don’t entirely blame them. I was told the doctors wouldn’t be able to diagnose me correctly because my symptoms wouldn’t make sense to them so I’ve always kept this in mind. Unwittingly the V.A. turned me out to die so I turned to my last resource; the visitors had told me right before I incarnated into this current life that I could pass at this juncture ( the one I’m referring to above) in time from earth or I might send an email to a powerful energy healer I’d know in my circle and she would take pity on me and send the Om. I recalled this memory from spirit and sent that email and I swear this is the only reason I’m alive today. I took a last desperate chance and she sent me the powerful Om energy and it brought me back from the brink and saved my life and I have since lived for years beyond that expiration date. So don’t close your mind to such help if you need it.

  16. Roger, thank you. I have
    Roger, thank you. I have thought a lot about your comments.

    The following video reminded me of some of what you were saying. There is a place in this video where someone comments that luminous vibrations are created more easily (in plants) from injury (to them.) (I am paraphrasing.) That seems like a very profound idea to me. Anyway, there are a number of interesting ideas here:

    Mind Science: We Are Vibrational

  17. I understand Whitley’s
    I understand Whitley’s emotions on the loss his cat, because just this week one of mine was attacked and killed by wild dogs? I live in city of Houston proper but now I’m questioning if this is some kind of screen memory. Wild dogs do roam but they would not target a specific sweet loving animal which leads me to think other forces are at work! When it comes to the wild , anything is game but my sweet Morris? I guess anything is possible, only Linda Moulten Howe could narrow the mystery. The wild is roaming ,but so is the ancient, I will see my Morris you Peckerheads!

  18. Dear Whitley,
    I listened to

    Dear Whitley,

    I listened to this show with great interest. As someone who has lost my mother and also 2 beloved dogs to cancer, I deeply felt your emotional pain during your description of what happened to Sadie. You have my heartfelt sympathy. And of course there is Anne’s current situation, which would certainly make one wonder if your family’s involvement with the close encounter experience might be a significant factor. However in Sadie’s case at least, I think that there may be other explanations for your experience and I wonder if you might be interpreting events more from a victim’s point of view than is the reality.

    I say this for a few reasons. One is that from what I’ve read, yes it is true the onset of radiation sickness can be quite rapid, like a matter of hours. However, the symptoms of that are things like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, none of which you mentioned in Sadie’s case. The DNA damage and increased risk of eventual cancer is certainly real, but I don’t think the evidence shows it would rapidly manifest as visible tumors in what sounded like a less than 12 hour period. It also seemed to have no similar effect on you, even after many years now, even though you were apparently “exposed” for at least a short time. I know you have mentioned another cat who died of cancer a couple of years later, and of course Anne is now fighting a brain tumor, but there might be no linkage at all to that specific incident.

    My intuitive feeling about this, for what it’s worth, is that yes there was a relationship between Sadie’s illness and your witnessing of the orb, however it might not have been the cause and effect that you suspect. Rather, I think of how closely bonded you and Sadie were, and how orbs are often associated with spiritual manifestation. It certainly sounds like you had a waking experience, but could it have been out of body? You yourself have sometimes expressed doubts about the ability to separate the two. You didn’t mention Sadie’s age at the time, but my thought is that she may have simply been reaching the end of her life due to existing disease reaching a critical stage. And I think it’s clear that your souls are connected, perhaps to the same “soul group”, and this orb might have been the energy of souls coming (for reasons we probably don’t understand) at this profound time of Sadie’s passing from the physical. In that sense, it might have even been a wonderful thing. Both you and Anne seem to “travel with cats” so to speak, as evidenced by Anne’s near death experience with Coe. I also think it’s significant that this orb was not an apparent device, and all of Linda Howe’s data seems to be about exposure to operating craft, and my thought there is even that danger might only apply to craft when not landed (passive vs. active mode, like it’s perfectly safe to put your hand in the microwave oven when the door is open). It would be something of a leap to draw a radiation parallel between an active space craft or time machine and a glowing orb seen inside of your cabin, and maybe not even certainly in a waking state? I’m not ruling it out but I also think there are these compelling reasons to doubt that was a radiation exposure event.

    I am reminded that in the last couple of weeks in 2008 with our beloved Akita dog, Lucy, when she was suffering from the internal bleeding of her cancer she would often look up toward the ceiling at something, which was invisible to me but I suspected it was some presence there for her, to somehow help with her eventual transition. Was it spirit that I could not see, but maybe someone like yourself could? I have also had a number of fairly profound dream and even waking experiences related to the death of loved ones, including my dogs, so it would be no surprise at all for me if the orb event was that sort of thing.

    Sadly, there is a lot of cancer around, that is for sure, and it’s hard to find anyone who has not been personally affected by it. I don’t claim to understand it, don’t know if it’s more or less prevalent than earlier in history (when people often just got sick and died without knowing why), or if any of the cancers around me in my life, or any of my own health problems might have been caused by exposure to extraordinary events. I’m not sure there’s any value in spending much time thinking about that, really. It is an unknown, and we do the best we can to live the best we can in day to day life, knowing it must someday end, transition, and who really knows?

    I am just trying to encourage taking a step back and considering some alternative, perhaps more positive ways of viewing what happened. Not everything is a conspiracy set against you or the evidence of insidious evil overrunning government (both visible and hidden), which is a feeling I have more frequently been sensing or just outright hearing from your narratives. That can be a dark path of the mind, and could very well lead nowhere you want to go. One thing you really helped me learn was to “leave the question open”, and I think that’s all I’m suggesting here.

    While I don’t doubt that there is some truth to the idea of evil forces, I also think most people even in government are just trying to do the best they can and without actively negative intentions. I don’t think there’s been a time in our history where our human tribes, and really we are still tribes, did not include “warriors”, and we may not like it but it seems to be woven into the human experience. Warriors see the world in a different way than you and I perhaps: threats, survival, protection, duty, us, them. I think larger ideals are usually not on the table when push comes to shove, even if their mentality itself actually creates the pushing and shoving. Was it “evil” for our fighter jets to shoot at UFO’s? I suspect from their point of view, they were acting out of good, pressed into a sudden situation perceived as threatening and a sense of duty to protect. That’s just one example of the ambiguity of the situation. Even in the concept of time travelers from our own future discussed on this show, it’s not hard to imagine how a larger awareness might give those people (our future selves?) the right to do things that from our current perspective seems inherently wrong, like abductions and mutilations. The stories I’ve heard through you that include “you’ll look just like me someday” (visitor speaking to woman) and “we do have a right” (visitor speaking to you) would seem to align with that idea.

    We can at least choose our points of view, and I like the one of being a soul in process and an experiencer, not the one of being a victim struggling against dark, hidden forces like elusive shadows like in a child’s bedroom imagination. It’s simply for that reason that I hope to have offered a little different way of looking at what have obviously been some very painful events.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

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