Dreamland is on hiatus this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy last week’s program: Last year, David Weatherly caused a sensation on Dreamland with his tales of the Black-Eyed Children. The program remains one of the most popular we have ever produced, and now David’s back with groundbreaking research into some of the most perplexing cases of interdimensional beings on record, including the return of the Mothman and much more.

David Weatherly has been investigating paranormal subjects for over 35 years, investigating cases around the country and abroad. He has written on a diverse range of topics including cryptozoology, UFOs and hauntings.

Sonia Barrett has now appeared on Dreamland 3 times, and both the last time and this, Whitley Strieber has had a close encounter immediately prior to interviewing her. This time, we explore why that might be. Sonia has her own unique and very clear way of looking at the underlying matrix that supports reality. She sees it as plastic, not fixed, and in this interview she explains her ideas, and she and Whitley Strieber explore why it is that another level of reality might be attempting to draw attention to her work.

Linda Moulton Howe has been waiting almost her entire career to be able to tell this incredible story.

A firsthand witness from Ellsberg Air Force Base finally speaks out, revealing that long-heard rumors are true: UFOs used to regularly shut down missile bases, as often as six or seven times a year from the 1960s. He also recounts the chilling and extraordinary story of a security guard who was abducted, then on his reappearance quickly transferred from the base and, within a year, discharged from the Air Force.