A new study of channelers has found that areas of the brain associated with language and activity close down when they are engaged in channeling. This means that the part of the brain that forms words is not in use during the channeling process, lending credibility to the notion that they are obtaining the words that they are speaking or writing down from an unknown source that is either in the brain, or is outside of the individual altogether.

During a trance-like session of psychography, experienced mediums in Brazil allow themselves to become receptive to spirits or dead souls. Then they write automatically, channeling the voices of those they believe to be speaking to them.
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Just because you’re "borrowing" your neighbor’s wifi signal because you don’t have your own doesn’t mean that the police can’t subpoena your internet files without a search warrant.

The fourth amendment of the constitution protects us against unreasonable government searches when suspects have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

In a 2011 poll, 32% of the people queried said that they had tried to get onto a wireless network that wasn’t theirs, and there’s plenty to choose from: It’s now estimated that more that 200 people now use wi-fi networks.

Police have to use special software to identify wi-fi "squatters," who use the same network as paying subscribers.
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Recently the Out There section published a striking video from an astronomer in Kentucky. (Click on Kentucky UFO in the subject cloud to see it.) UFO activity in the state and the whole region remains at a high level.read more