Barbara Hand Clow returns to Dreamland with an explosive new idea–that the end of the world isn’t at hand at all, that we are actually entering a new period of creative growth as the human mind accelerates to a new level of consciousness. She tells Dreamland guest host Marie D. Jones how a series of changes that accelerated through 2011 opened many of us to new energies, while causing deep terrors left over from an extraordinary catastrophe that ravaged our planet over 10,000 years ago to emerge again in many others.

Famed author and psychic Echo Bodine tells some of the most amazing, delightful, mystifying ghost stories you have ever heard…and some of the most hair-raising! AND Anne Strieber comes back with a few Strieber ghost stories as well. Dreamland has been running at high intensity lately. It’s time to take a fresh look at a very old mystery, and consider anew just what ghosts are, why they are all around us, and how we can communicate with them. Dreamland at its provocative, delightful best!

Strange sounds began to be heard in various parts of the world in March of 2011. At first, few people took notice, but the number of reports began to rise more quickly after September, until by Febuary of 2012, there are hundreds of reports, most of them posted as videos on YouTube. A substantial number of these are hoaxes, either using manufactured sounds or simply repeating recordings made by others.