This is an outstanding photo of an unknown object in the sky. It appears to be moving very quickly, and the visible shape makes it unlikely that this is an insect or bird close to the camera. Graded B.
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In recent months, serious questions have been raised about the validity of the abduction research of
David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins. Jeremy Vaeni has been following this controversy, and here Whitley Strieber asks him just what has happened to raise questions about their research methods and conclusions. For anyone interested in the close encounter and abduction phenomena, this is a very important and informative interview. How real is it all? Has the research been done correctly? If not, are we to dismiss the very idea of abduction, or is there another way of looking at the whole phenomenon that is, perhaps, closer to the truth?

This is a provocative, insightful look into a very thorny and controversial subject.
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Are you a portal into another reality? COULD you be? Jeremy Vaeni, the co-host of Paratopia, goes deep into questions like this in his new book Urgency. He has experienced a devastingly powerful movement into a completely new space that transcends reality as we know it. Listen as he explains this fascinating experience and how it was changed by the fact that he is a close encounter witness.

Jeremy Vaeni also has a very different vision of death as a journey that can potentially take us outside of reality as we know it.

This show is quite a trip, don’t miss it!
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Researchers who listen to whale "songs" (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) have discovered that each whale has his or her own individual "tag" by which they can be identified. Sometimes they communicate as pods (or social units) or families. On the Daily Galaxy website, Casey Kazan quotes biologist Hal Whitehead as saying, "Whale cultures are in their minds and not in the things that they made. Whale culture has, like human culture, a range of types and styles. These songs evolve, so that at the beginning of the breeding season they’re all singing one song and then it’s changed a bit by the more