Freddy Silva has been researching crop formations for over thirty years, and has deep understanding of them. Earlier on Dreamland we had Andrew Collins, who feels that the formations are manmade, but not necessarily hoaxes, as he thinks that some of them are made by unknown means by people with special powers. Michael Glickman was with us two weeks ago, and he feels that virtually all of the formations are anomalous in origin.

Dr. John Alexander believes that UFOs are real, physical objects, but then he departs from the conventional wisdom that they must therefore be alien space craft and asks some much larger questions. Why, over the entire modern history of the phenomenon, have we made so little progress in understanding them? If there is a government cover-up, where is it? If there could be official disclosure, what might it actually consist of?

Two weeks ago, Andrew Collins told us that all crop formations are made by skilled and secretive human artists. This week, Michael Glickman says that the opposite is true: that virtually none of them are hoaxes.

In this interview with Whitley Strieber, Michael shares his years of research with us, explaining how there are really two crop circle phenomena, one that celebrates the astonishing and inexplicable formations, and another, darker phenomenon that has a very different agenda.

He and Whitley also talk about the two formations, the Chilbolton "Aricibo Reply" formation and the Crabwood "Disk" formation that are completely different in the way they communicate from all the others.

How can anything new be said about near-death experiences? Well, when a leading psychic medium with years of experience is the interviewer and the author has made some stunning breakthroughs, you can expect to hear things that are VERY new, and that’s what happens this week on Dreamland when our own resident medium and proven psychic Marla Frees interviews Christophor Coppes about his new book, Messages from the Light.

We are all afraid of death. But do we need to be? As Marla explores these remarkable stories with Christophor Coppes, a new vision of our spiritual needs and spiritual journey emerges.