Whitley Strieber and James Gilliland of the ECETI Ranch talk together for the first time, and it is a powerful listening experience indeed. Then Linda Howe tells us about those new body scanners–safe or not? A DO NOT MISS!

James Gilliland’s ECETI ranch is renowned for UFO sightings, and wait until you hear his stories about his own family’s early sightings in New Mexico and his shocking story about a MUFON member’s attempt to debunk sightings that were going on during Above Top Secret’s visit to the ranch.

Why did this come into James Gilliland’s life? What is this extraordinary man really trying to do. Don’t miss Whitley Strieber’s exciting, insightful interview.
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William Henry is just back from Egypt, and he brings us new insights, gained from personal discoveries made on the scene, into the secrets of Jesus’ time there. There is nothing like a personal visit to the temples and a direct look at hidden and secret features to provide knowledge not obtainable any other way.

Listening to this interview is like being with William Henry in Egypt, an unforgettable and important experience.

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Clunkers & cars of tomorrow – People may look like their dogs, but they IDENTIFY with their cars (especially their old ones) and have a hard time saying goodbye to them, even when the government institutes something like the Cash for Clunkers program. And maybe your NEXT car should go to driving school (instead of you).

With dogs it’s friendship, but with cars, it’s anthropomorphism: the tendency to ascribe human attributes to an inanimate object. PhysOrg.com quotes psychologist Norbert Schwarz as saying, “Everyone knows someone with a beat-up old car that they just can’t bear to get rid of, even as the car becomes unreliable and begins to act with ‘a mind of its own.'”
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Mathematicians dissect movies & TV shows – Hollywood’s “golden age” seems to have ended in the 1950s. Up until that time, everyone went to the latest blockbuster and discussed it afterwards, but today, with so many choices at home (such as video games, the internet and cable TV), people are choosy about what they pay money for a ticket to see. But some mathematicians think it has to do more with the WAY films are made today than their content.
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