It has been 35 years since humans last walked on the moon,but there has been much recent discussion about returning(and regular readers of this websiteknow why). However, there are concerns about the radiation danger forastronauts during long missions on the lunar surface.

A significant part of that danger results from solar storms,which can shoot particles from the sun to Earth at nearlythe speed of light and can heat oxygen in the Earth’sionosphere and send it in a hazardous stream toward the moon.
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When we?re in danger, time seems to slow down. This may bean evolutionaryadaptation that gives us an opportunity to make the rightmoves to save ourselves. But it doesn?t always work?forinstance, scary movies and amusement park rides aren?tenough to produce a sense of time slowing down. So whatcauses it?

Since riding a roller coaster isn?t scary enough to producethe illusion, scientists tried frightening volunteers bydropping them from great heights backwards, with no ropesattached, into a net that helped break their fall., Charles Q. Choi quotes researcher DavidEagleman as saying, “I knew it was perfectly safe, and Ialso knew that it would be the perfect way to make peoplefeel as though an event took much longer than it actually did.”
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Whitley Strieber’s seventh meditation in the crop circle series. In this meditation, he demonstrates how to extend meditative awareness out of the body. The technique works whether you are able to have OBEs or not, and is the precursor to the two final meditations in the series: meditating with the souls of the living, and meditating with the souls of the more

The ocean is no longer doing it very well.Forests are no longer doing it much either. But that doesn’t mean WE can’t do it.

In, Charles Q. Choi writes that scientistsare working on ways to “pull carbon dioxide straight from the air to potentially attack global warming directly.” He quotes researcher Frank Zeman as saying, “The technology to do this is going through major advances, moving toward detailed designs. It’s becoming more and more efficient?we’ve cut the electricity requirements by well over half” (it doesn?t help if the machines that REMOVE greenhouse gases also CONTRIBUTE to them).
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