The ocean is no longer doing it very well.Forests are no longer doing it much either. But that doesn’t mean WE can’t do it.

In, Charles Q. Choi writes that scientistsare working on ways to “pull carbon dioxide straight from the air to potentially attack global warming directly.” He quotes researcher Frank Zeman as saying, “The technology to do this is going through major advances, moving toward detailed designs. It’s becoming more and more efficient?we’ve cut the electricity requirements by well over half” (it doesn?t help if the machines that REMOVE greenhouse gases also CONTRIBUTE to them).

According to Choi, “Zeman is developing technology thatforces air through a chamber, where lye?sodiumhydroxide?then absorbs carbon dioxide. This carbon-loadedfluid is then mixed with lime to form limestone. Thelimestone is baked in a kiln to release pure carbon dioxidegas, ready for storage.” But where are we going to store allthis captured greenhouse gas? That’s the unanswered question.

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