In everything from neurology to medicine, the West is now starting to listen to wisdom from the East. A major drug company is using Chinese medicine, which relies on natural ingredients, in its search for new medicines.

He describes how Chinese botanist Shen Jingui is searching for a tiny flower called the snow lotus, that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. For the last 30 years, he has been traveling across China in order to locate the rare plants and herbs that are used in traditional medicine. He then sells these to the giant Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, which is spending millions of dollars to finance the work of Chinese botanists who are searching out these plants throughout China.
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If you travel to the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday, December 9 at 3 p.m., you can hear 3 major conspiracy theorists speak in an all-day session that will curl your hair! Popular Dreamland co-host Jim Marrs will talk about government conspiracies (including Roswell) and secret societies, radio host Joshua P. Warren will talk about ghosts and ESP, and Nick Redfern (who has a subscriber interview posted on our website) will talk about UFOs and cryptids. A book-signing will follow. To learn more, click here.

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We’ve written before that riding a bike can be the end of a man’s sex life. Now we’ve learned that it can be the end of a woman’s sexuality as well.

Women who ride bicycles frequently may have less genital sensitivity, and sometimes even pain. quotes researcher Martha Guess as saying, “While seated on a bicycle, the external genital nerve and artery are directly compressed. It is possible that chronic compression of the female genital area may lead to compromised blood flow and nerve injury due to disruption of the blood-nerve barrier.”

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Scientists have discovered that having money?and even just the IDEA of money?makes people selfish instead of generous, as we might hope it would. You wouldn’t think it would take a scientist to figure THAT out!

Psychologist Kathleen Vohs led a team that conducted experiments in which participants completed a number of tasks while being exposed to “play” money or pictures of money. The researchers found that those exposed to reminders of money worked longer on tasks before asking for help and were less helpful toward others. They also preferred to play alone, work alone and put more physical distance between themselves and a new acquaintance. Some of the psychologists involved in the study described this behavior as being self-sufficient more than being selfish.
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