First, weatherman Scott Stevens talks about the possibility that scalar weapons are being used to destabilize the Pacific Northwest, then Linda Howe conducts one of her most shocking interviews ever, documenting the disappearance of a baby just before birth during a mother’s missing time experience while awaiting term at a Wyoming hospital.

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Whitley asks Scott Stevens to tell us about the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory images that suggest that objects (which NASA says are video artifacts) appear at times near the sun. Are they video artifacts or, as Scott believes, huge structured objects? And, if so, what do they mean and what are they doing, given that the sun has been acting so strangely in the past few years? Could somebody actually be intervening in our world by affecting the sun? Don’t miss the story linked below. This is much stranger than it at first appears. Then he and Whitley go farther: it seems that more and more areas of the world are showing signs of impending earth changes. So what does this mean? And, above all, what should each of us do about it for our own well being?read more

Whether or not you will die in a car crash may depend on whether or not you are too fat or too thin?but only if you’re a man.

Researchers have found that being obese increases male drivers’ risk of dying in a car crash, as does being very slim. However, being moderately overweight may be a good thing, since it cushions the blow. They also found that obesity did not affect women’s risk of death from the same kinds of crashes.
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In the future we may fight a war in space over who controls the moon and access to its valuable Helium 3 fuel, but here on Earth we will probably be fighting over who owns not oil, but water. Global warming, which can lead to droughts, makes this situation even more dangerous.

In the Independent, John Reid outlines the main areas where conflicts over water will probably erupt. The first one is the area comprising Israel, Jordan and Palestine, where 5% of the world?s population lives on 1% of the world?s water. Some analysts think this was the real reason for the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. Israel, Palestine and Jordan all use water from the River Jordan, which is controlled by Israel.
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