Whether or not you will die in a car crash may depend on whether or not you are too fat or too thin?but only if you’re a man.

Researchers have found that being obese increases male drivers’ risk of dying in a car crash, as does being very slim. However, being moderately overweight may be a good thing, since it cushions the blow. They also found that obesity did not affect women’s risk of death from the same kinds of crashes.

The medical team studied data from over 20,000 crashes. “Men with the highest body mass index (BMI) were at greatest risk for death from front or left-side collisions, especially at high speeds,” says Dr. Shankuan Zhu. “Men with the lowest BMI also had higher death rates than the lowest rates, which were found among overweight, but not obese, men.”

The reasons for the gender difference in BMI and motor vehicle fatality might be the difference in body shape between men and women.

Art credit: http://www.freeimages.co.uk

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