President Bush gives his annual State of the Union address on Januarary 31st. US voters will be watching Bush closely on television. We recently posted a story about scientific ways to spot spin among politicians. Now we have more scientific information on what to look for.

Movement analyst Karen Kohn Bradley studies the nonverbal and movement behaviors of political leaders. In order to detect political ?spin? (a polite synonym for “lies”), she says we should look for the following:
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Politicians lie all the time. We know our stomachs cannot tell a lie. Some people are natural born liars. New studies have shown that we cannot rely on polygraphs to weed out the liars among us, which is why they are not accepted as evidence in trials. Instead, we need to rely on the new technology of PET scans, which can catch liars 90% of the time.

Malcolm Ritter writes in that he recently tested this technology. While his brain was being scanned by a small machine, his computer asked him questions like, “Have you ever cheated on your taxes?”
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We’ve written before that both the US and China have plans to go to the moon–not for exploration, as the US claims, but to mine the incredibly valuable fuel Helium 3 that’s found there. The US won’t admit that our true reason for returning to the moon, and China is equivocal about theirs, but Russia is plain spoken about it–they say they’re planning a moon trip in order to get the Helium 3. Will there be a future war in space over moon fuel?
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Whitley Strieber goes on an unforgettable journey into the world of psychic archaeology with Stephan A. Schwartz, the author of the Secret Vaults of Time. They discuss excavations that have been based on discovery of ruins by psychic means, and the importance of some of these digs is stunning. Then Linda continues with Part 2 of her explosive interview about “Hawk’s” UFO revelations with Dr. Bruce Maccabee.

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