Now that summer is over, some of us may look in a full length mirror and realize that, as author Gail Sheehan once wrote, “everything is a couple of inches lower than it used to be.” This could be due to gravity, but it could also be the case if you played volleyball in a bathing suit, because according to a German surgeon, it can lead to sagging breasts in women and sagging testicles in men.

Even Olympic women’s volleyball teams wear bikinis, but now that this is known, they may begin wearing more sports clothes with supportive elastic. Volleyball on the beach is very popular in Germany and is sometimes even played topless.
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In announcements about how lethal the upcoming bird flu pandemic will be, experts are contradicting themselves. As we’ve told our readers before, the best weapon against bird flu is to wash your hands whenever you come in from outside, because flu virus lives on surfaces. This is especially important now that Tamiflu may not be working anymore. In Asian countries, children are the first to contract bird flu because it’s usually their chore to feed the family’s chickens and ducks. Kids are the first to catch flu in the US as well, then they pass it on to the rest of us.
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With the current epidemic of obesity and Type II diabetes among both children and adults, researchers are trying to determine if what our mothers ate influences our future health. Their conclusion: it does?a lot.

Dr. Donald Novak says, “There are many people around the world who don’t have enough protein in their diets, and malnutrition is a major cause of babies being born small around the world. There is a lot of evidence that when infants are born small, compared to their counterparts, they have a higher risk of these specific disorders. We are trying to sort out why that might be.” But protein deprivation during pregnancy doesn’t always produce small offspring. It’s linked to the development of a larger body type in rats, a tendency that persists for two more

Using the science she’s learned from writing the news every day, Anne Strieber recently lost one hundred pounds. Many of you are familiar with her recent near death experience, and she says ironically, “People think I lost the weight when I was in the hospital, so they don’t give me credit for it, although itisn’t true. When they feed you by tube they give you enough calories to maintain your current weight, since weight loss is a bad symptom. Only when you move to solid food, do they give you a calorie-restricted diet, and then you?re about ready to go home.” If you’re struggling with your weight?or have a friend who is?pass along this wonderful?and very funny? more