Don’t pick a fight with someone who has ears, fingers orfeet of different sizes or shapes, because they’re morelikely to react aggressively. Scientists think that earlystress in the womb from things such as a mother’s smoking ordrinking can cause these small physical imperfections andalso poor impulse control.

Researcher Zeynep Benderlioglu says, “Stressors duringpregnancy may lead to asymmetrical body parts. The samestressors will also affect development of the centralnervous system, which involves impulse control andaggression. So while asymmetry doesn’t cause aggression,they both seem to be correlated to similar factors duringpregnancy.”
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English farmer Mark Purdey says that Mad Cow Disease isreally Manganese Madness.

Purdey notes that feeding cattle the meat and bone meal fromother cows was banned in Britain in 1988, but despite thisfact, 40,000 cattle born there after the ban have come downwith Mad Cow. In Ireland, Portugal, and France, there havealso been more cases after the meat and bone meal feed wasbanned in these countries.
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A small number of users repeat voted in our current pollabout John Kerry and the Swiftboat Ads. Oddly, a few of themrepeated on both sides of the question, but by far thelargest number of repeat votes were in favor of Kerry beinga liar. We have adjusted the poll to remove most of theserepeats, and, when it was adjusted, it appeared that you aredivided over Kerry’s record in about the same way as thecountry as a whole. We will install poll software that willmake it harder to repeat votes, so that this sort of abusewill not recur. To vote in our current poll (once, please!) click here.

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A Russian newspaper reports that terrorists will paralyzethe internet on August 26th, according to Russian antivirusexperts.

Aleksandr Gostev says he got the information from certainwebsites, but he wouldn’t say which ones. He says they’ll betargeting the U.S. and Western Europe. Yevgeny Kasperskysays similar attacks earlier paralyzed the internet in SouthKorea, and believes it’s “impossible” to stop them, butMikhail Bychinsky, of Dr.Web antivirus labs, says, “I do notbelieve in mass internet attacks because the main serversare defended, and Kaspersky Labs has been foretellingdoomsday for a long time.”

The reason we don’t know what?s going on is because we’reruledby secrecy.

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