If I could have one wish for Christmas, it would be for an end to ideology in 2003.

One of the worst areas for this is religion. I am so darn tired of people telling me their religious beliefs, either in e-mails, by collaring me in person and, or by making some subtle remark that’s supposed to let me know I’m heading straight for hell. This happened a few Christmases ago, when a very religious relative asked me if I was a “secular humanist.” I’d never heard the term before, so I said, “You mean someone who’s not religious but tries to do the right thing anyway? Sounds pretty good to me.” Only later did I learn she was implying I was so close to hell, the tips of my toes were burning already.
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Anne Strieber has a special wish for Christmas. Click here to see if you think it will come true.

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We think of static electricity as a minor annoyance, but it can lead to major fires. At a gas station, a spark of static electricity can start a fire that engulfs you in flames. There have been at least 130 confirmed cases of static fires in the last three years.

52 -year-old Bob Clewis was filling gas cans in his truck in San Antonio when a spark of static electricity set fire to a cloud of gasoline vapor and bathed him in flames. “It’s a miracle to be able to sit here today,” he said from the hospital, where he?s recovering from third-degree burns.

In 1996, a 33-year-old woman burned to death at an Oklahoma gas station, in a fireball that was also caused by a static spark. Both of these incidents were filmed by security cameras.
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Italian gynecologist Severino Antinori has announced that that he has successfully impregnated three women with clones and the first one?a boy?will be born in Serbia in January. The Raelians UFO group also claims to have created the first clone and says a woman in its care will give birth to a girl by the end of December. Spokeswoman Brigitte Boisselier says, “We have five pregnancies under way, of which one is almost due.” Two U.S. couples, two Asian couples and one European couple are involved in the Raelians project.
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