A study by German scientists shows that people with blonde hair are an endangered species and will become extinct by 2202. Soon only the bottle blondes will remain, because too few people now carry the recessive gene for blonde hair. In order for a child to have blonde hair, it must receive the right gene from both sides of the family in the grandparents’ generation. They predict the last truly natural blonde will be born in Finland, which has the highest proportion of blondes.

Increased travel and immigration is bringing darker-haired people into countries where blondes once predominated. When the gene pools mix, darker hair wins out and there are fewer natural blondes born.
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Three blood proteins known as “CAF” have been identified that allow some HIV-infected patients to stay healthy for more than a decade. For almost 20 years, researchers have been trying to figure out why some people with HIV do not develop full-blown AIDS, while others succumb to the disease almost immediately.

It turns out that the healthy patients have a type of immune cell that produces a protein that helps fight the virus. Patients whose infections progress quickly don?t have CAF (CD8 antiviral factor). These proteins can inhibit both X4 and R5 HIV viruses in cultures of human cells. They act as antibiotics by destroying the membranes of bacteria, although it?s not clear how they fight HIV, which is a virus.
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Spanish scientist Jesus Martinez-Frias says global warming may be to blame for the mysterious giant blocks of ice which fall from cloudless skies, crushing cars and houses. When these ice blocks started appearing a decade ago, it was thought they were frozen waste jettisoned from airplanes, but tests showed that wasn?t the source. “I’m not worried that a block of ice might fall on your head?but that great blocks of ice are forming where they shouldn’t exist,” he says. “Components of the atmosphere, like ozone and water, are changing in different levels of the atmosphere?We think these signs could be evidence of climate change.
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For everybody who’s been having a problem listening to our new on-site internet radio station, we’re now running our shows on Live365 as well! We will keep doing this until–and if–our onsite station is working perfectly for everybody.

To go to Live365 and listen to Whitley’s fantastic interview with aviation reporter Nick Cook about secret antigravity research from the Nazis to now, click here.

Also other interviews you may have missed!

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