Remember Anthrax? What happened to the investigation? Where are the culprits? The answer is that the FBI appears to have put the case on a back burner. In this chilling article, Wayne Madsen of Counterpunch offers some insights into why that might be. Hitler burned the Reichstag, the German Capitol Building, and blamed it on a Jew in order to create an atmosphere of terror and make certain that a frightened populace gave him the dictatorial powers he wanted. Did elements within the U.S. government do something similar with the anthrax scare?

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Hundreds of people report seeing strange light over Bavaria in southern Germany recently. Local authorities have received calls from people reporting a loud explosion and strange lights in the sky and the Bavarian interior ministry says hundreds of worried citizens called to report the UFOs, described as a series of flashes that looked like lightning. Panicked callers jammed police telephone lines seeking an explanation. Air traffic controllers at Munich airport also reported seeing the lights.
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The world?s first lip-reading cellphone is being developed by researchers at Japanese cellphone maker NTT DoCoMo. All callers will have to do is mouth their words silently, and the phone will convert them to speech or text. This could put an end to having to listen to the personal details of other people?s conversations in subways, restaurants and on the street.

DoCoMo?s prototype figures out which words are being said by using a contact sensor near the phone?s mouthpiece to detect tiny electrical signals sent by muscles around the user?s mouth. The signals are then converted into spoken words by a speech synthesizer, or into text for a text message or email.
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Little girls developing puberty and starting their menstrual periods as early as 8 years old is becoming a major problem in the Western world?and nobody knows why it?s happening. It?s occurring at a time when teenage motherhood is a major problem and people are living longer than ever, so no one wants to see female childhoods cut short.

It has now been discovered that some hair products, especially those marketed to black people, contain small amounts of hormones that could cause premature sexual development in girls.
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