Whitley has produced a powerful new journal entry about what we REALLY need to do to stop the terrorist threat, beyond improving security at home and rolling up terrorist networks. We need to take a whole new look at the way American deals with needy countries, and find in our greatness and compassion, a way of bringing them hope. Do not miss this thoughtful and inspirational article. To read it, click here.

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As substantial military forces gathered throughout the middle east and Turkish foreign minister Ismail Chem met senior Bush administration official in Washington today, efforts to get Osama bin Laden to leave Afghanistan intensified today.

A delegation consisting of a general and several of Pakistan’s most extreme Islamic clerics went to Afghanistan yesterday to urge the Taliban to hand over bin Laden. It is believed that, if this effort fails, an attack by US forces will follow shortly.
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Jon Dougherty, of WorldNetDaily.com, reports that an Israeli organization has made plans to ?lay and anoint? two 4.5-ton blocks of marble as cornerstones for the ?Third Temple of Israel.? The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement says the event is being planned for Oct. 4 at 9:30 a.m. local time in Israel. The event has the blessing of the Israeli government, which has pledged to protect event organizers and participants.
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Can bugs predict the weather? Some people think so, and they expect a cold winter this year. ?The bees have been out early, and they have been very aggressive for this time of year,? says Stacy Schuster, marketing director for Crystal Mountain Ski Area. ?A lot of mountain folk contend that?s a big sign that something?s coming.?

This bug-based winter wisdom is echoed by the observations of Mike McFarland, a forecaster with the National Weather Service?s Seattle office. McFarland says woolly bear caterpillars in his driveway have thick orange and black coats with wide bands. ?The first two I saw, they were definitely suited up for some snowy, cold weather. I saw those guys and, boy, right away I knew.?
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