Fighters at 26 airbases across the United States are in standby alert to protect the 103 nuclear reactors in the country and to react immediately if any aircraft begin moving in an unsual manner or divert from course.

Law enforcement agencies and the armed services within the continental US are at an unprecedented level of alert.

Reactor sites are being considered “part of the homeland defense,” according to Richard Meserve, head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Opinion: If there is going to be another wave of attacks, it is most likely to take place in response to US military action abroad.

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“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

These lines fill the screen at the end of one of my favorite movies, The Miracle at Morgan’s Creek, when the hapless young hero discovers he has become the father of 8 infant sons, all sired by another man.

I was reminded of them as our family, along with millions of others across the United States, sat in front of our television last week, eagerly listening to the message from our President, George W. Bush. I think we all knew he couldn’t reveal any secret war plans–plans that had probably not even been made yet. He couldn’t tell us not to be afraid or to grieve for the dead, whether they were close to us or we read their obituaries in the paper.
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After the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Secret Service experts quickly changed government codes. Official sources now confirm that the terrorists knew the White House?s codes and a number of secret signals, meaning that Air Force One, containing President Bush, could have become the terrorists? next target.

Possessing the codes, the terrorists could have located the exact position of the presidential plane and its destinations, which is why it had to dodge them by flying from state to state, while Vice President Cheney hid in a bunker capable of withstanding a nuclear attack.
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Guardians of U.S. drinking water remain on full alert more than a week after the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. And that may not change anytime soon. ?We have advised all utilities to be on alert and cautious,? says Tom Curtis, the deputy executive director of the American Water Works Association, or AWWA. ?We are not responding to a specific threat advisory from the FBI concerning water utilities, but we have advised water utilities to be on a heightened state of alert.? Utility officials won?t talk about specific security steps, but will say only that safety measures have been put in place indefinitely. ?We?ve taken a number of steps as precautions, but we?ve chosen not to make those measures public,?read more