Whitley’s new novel, the Last Vampire is out and he’s on tour for it this week and next week.

August 8 Denver The Tattered Cover 7:30 PM.

August 9 Boulder Boulder Bookstore 7:30 PM.

August 13 San Francisco Booksmith 7:00 PM.

August 15 Orange County Book Carnival 6:30PM.

August 16 Los Angeles Brentano’s Century City 7:00 PM.

August 23 Austin Book People 7:00 PM.

Whitley will be reading from the Last Vampire and telling you why he’s turned to fiction to plumb the secrets hidden in his unconscious mind. He’ll also be answering any and all questions.
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Parts of Asia face deadly climate changes and natural disasters caused by pollution and atmospheric warming, sooner than the rest of the world. Floods in Southeast Asia, glaciers melting in the Himalayas, islands disappearing in rising seas and huge dust storms in China are just some of the climate disasters caused by industrial pollution, car exhaust fumes and huge numbers of flatulent farm animals.

?All models say Southeast Asia would be the hardest hit by global warming. Levels of rainfall would be higher and more prolonged, and seasons would change,? says David Jezeph, chief of water and mineral resources at the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).
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New images from NASA?s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft show signs of recent climate change dating back about 100,000 years instead of millions or billions, including ?megafloods? that may have triggered climate changes, extensive terrain that closely mimics permafrost areas on Earth, lake beds, and gullies that have drained water and debris on the Martian surface within the past several million years.

Probably the most important evidence are the tell-tale signs of very recent glaciers. The presence of glaciers means that Mars once was a lot warmer and that there was much more water on the Martian surface.
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