As of 11:57 PM EST, WGAL TV in Lancaster, PA, was reporting that a damaged area had been found in a cornfield that appeared to be related to an object that crossed northeastern US skies at approximately 6:20PM EST today.

The damaged area is in a cornfield along Route 973, west of Anthony Township. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has not found any environmental problems. No debris was located, and officials theorized that a fireball had touched the surface without leaving anything behind. Further tests are scheduled today.

The object that crossed the skies was easily visible even in the light of a summer evening, and the sonic booms were tremendous.

A number of reporters observed the phenomenon.
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This e-mail message has been received from Starhawk, (Note: link very slow.)legendary author of the Sprial Dance and Dreaming the Dark who is in Genoa among the protesters.

No matter how one feels about these protests, that events like these would or could happen anywhere, let alone in a civilized European country, is very disturbing. Similar stories came out of Seattle during the disturbances there during the November–December 1999 World Trade Organization meeting.

Serious questions must be asked about who is motivating the police in various countries to deal with generally peaceful protesters in this manner.

Starhawk’s E-Mail from Genoa:
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A shift in the climate has taken place that has brought about an increase in major hurricanes. The period of heightened activity could last for decades, and unleash a catastrophic storm anywhere along the U.S. coast from Texas to Maine.

Since the climate shift began six years ago, the number of hurricanes that have formed in the Atlantic basin has doubled, said scientists at the U.S. Hurricane Research Division.

Major hurricanes, which produce winds in excess of 110 miles an hour, have also increased during the period by 250 percent, and the increased activity will continue for the next ten to 40 years, which could mean trouble for the United States.
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The tiny South Pacific nation of Tuvalu faces being submerged by rising sea levels. The Tuvaluan Government is considering abandoning the islands its people have lived on for thousands of years, believing the nation will be uninhabitable within decades. They have pleaded with Australia and New Zealand to help resettle its 11,000 citizens, but so far these countries have refused to accept them as refugees.
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