UK Coast Buzzed By 24,000 MPH UFO

The RAF has tracked a triangular UFO moving at incredible speeds that RAF Fighters could not intercept over the North Sea.

The RAF has revealed yesterday they tracked a UFO as big as a battleship off the UK West Coast, military sources also revealed they have other radar tapes that prove we have UFO’s entering restricted air space in the UK.
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Peter Davenport of the UFO Reporting Center reports a wave of sightings from across the United States on Monday and Tuesday nights, April 20 &21, 1998. Reports were coming in from Phoenix, Arizona,Martinsburg, West Virginia, Austin and Houston, Texas, Boise, Idaho, Portland, Oregon and the Fresno and Palmdale, California. The reports are mixed between lights and actual craft being sighted. A woman in Martinsburg, WV reportedly video taped a craft and was sending it. Tower operators at Edwards Air ForceBase also reported strange craft near their base. Thanks to the UFO Reporting Center and Peter Davenport.

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Eduardo Russo, a UFO investigator from Turin, has spoken at length to Monsignor Corrado Balducci, who contributed an interview to my new book Confirmation. Mr. Russo has gotten from him precisely the same story that I did when I spoke to him to determine that the translation of the interview was correct. This is Mr. Russo’s report:

The story has been widely circulating in the last two weeks, telling of “Vatican theologist” Corrado Balducci having been on Italian national TV as many as five times in the last few months in order to openly claim and admit that ET’s exist, have souls and – most extraordinary of all – the Vatican knows it, studies them and collect data via a secret commission.
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McClendon News Service – There appears to be an undertone of change in the media and the government regarding the UFO controversy. This release was issued on March 30 by White House Correspondent Sarah McClendon.

I have been aware of many of the meetings that the release describes, but I do not know the level of interest actually expressed by the officials who were briefed, or if the release accurately reflects their concerns. It is interesting, though, that a prestigious service like hers would transmit this release.

March 30, 1998

News Releasefrom the McClendon News Service

By Sarah McClendonWhite House Correspondent
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