UK Coast Buzzed By 24,000 MPH UFO

The RAF has tracked a triangular UFO moving at incredible speeds that RAF Fighters could not intercept over the North Sea.

The RAF has revealed yesterday they tracked a UFO as big as a battleship off the UK West Coast, military sources also revealed they have other radar tapes that prove we have UFO’s entering restricted air space in the UK.

They said the large craft was tracked flying in a zig-zag maneuver at speeds recorded showing acceleration from 17,000 mph to 24,000 mph, RAF fighter pilots were on an intercept course when the UFO suddenly accelerated and disappeared over the north sea.

The Dutch air force had at the same time been tracking the UFO and they scrambled two F-16 fighters to give chase but the craft outmaneuvered the planes and disappeared towards the Atlantic.

The RAF officials are claiming to be baffled by this incident and are collecting and analysing Radar tape and other relevant data and information from the listening station at Fylingdales moor North Yorkshire. It has been rumoured that the findings at this stage will be presented to National Security personnel at White Hall London in the near future. Radar records and all relevant information on this sighting and other sightings are being presented to top Scientists and military experts from around the world at a conference at the RAF college, Cranwell Lincolnshire in June.

The RAF have said this craft was definitely under intelligent control and displayed remarkable maneuverability unlike any conventional aircraft.

The was about 900ft long about the size of a battleship.

Other sightings and radar recordings have been made of the same craft during the past two years but the military will not release them as this information would give away vital information regarding the Fylingdale moors scanning ability.

The RAF are considering releasing a second series of tapes showing 12 UFO’s changing shape in mid flight.

Sources from the national UFO media are saying this “battleship” could be an experimental aircraft or possibly be a sighting caused by freak weather conditions.

Skywatch International UK Director Dave A Dunworth has said the craft has been spotted on numerous occasions in the UK and around the world displaying characteristics unlike conventional aircraft.

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