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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Camarillo UFO

This video of the Camarillo UFO was lost for fourteen years, but has recently been recovered, and stands as one of a tiny handful of verifiable videos ever made of a UFO through a telescope, and also one of the strangest such videos ever recorded. It was made in Camarillio, California in 1998 by amateur astronomer and special effects artist Steve Neill using a Celestron C8 Telescope and a Sony 8MM video camera. The video is not a special effect, but a record of an object in the sky that was visible to the naked eye. The video was made before numerous witnesses, who were out observing what was then known as the 'Camarillo UFO.' It had been appearing yearly around Thanksgiving in the area, and was a well-known local phenomenon. With the naked eye, it could be seen only as a bright orb that would sometimes emit small lights toward the ground. But when the telescope was trained on it, remarkable details emerged, which have yet to be explained.

Steve Neil has taken a strong personal interest in the UFO subject for most of his life, and has been a friend of Whitley and Anne Strieber's for more than 20 years. His website is You can watch his daily show on special effects and modeling on YouTube by searching for Steve Neill's Garage.

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Thank you. Good job at holding this
in focus. I wish we knew what it was
up to.

That was very interesting. Thanks for making that available to us.

That was great! I can't even begin to figure out what was going on!
Thanks, very compelling!

That UFO appeared to have a 'life' all it's own. Not sure what to make of it, but my impression was almost that it was alive and conscious. Hmmm...

The password works fine. Problem is on your end.

Copy and paste the password, it finally worked for me...

Thank you... would a spectral analysis make sense and be possible?

Just a thought, with all the lenses in use could the image have been reversed up to down? I ask because I wonder if it could be a weather balloon with payload. Commonly the balloons can explode when they reach the limits of the atmosphere. That would answer the swaying pendulum like motion and the explosion at the end. It wouldn't answer the objects still being in the air after the explosion. A weather station downrange maybe hundreds of miles away could have been launching them on a regular basis so it would be seen multiple times. Different balloons. Not trying to be a bad sceptic but a good one. Thank you for the video Whitley, and thank your friend. It's amazing.

Copy paste didnt work either. Also have a friend who is a subscriber and nothing works for him either. All other vids work. Oh well next time I guess :(

The image is not reversed. It could be seen well enough by the naked eye to tell that the orientation you see is the correct one. It was ascending and to follow it the telescope had to be continually raised, not lowered. Regarding those who cannot get the password to work: try turning off your firewall and if you use windows, be sure you don't have both Windows firewall and an aftermarket firewall running. There is nothing wrong with the password at all, and it works perfectly for most people.

The video is stopping for me at about 1:49, just as he is about to say the shape of the object.
He's standing in front of a very cool model of the Starship Enterprise.
I've tried a dozen times but it won't go past this point.

Well, for some reason it decided to work for me.
Incredible video Whitley. Thank you for making it available.

If you have heavy memory use on your computer/pad/phone or a small amount of memory, videos may stop and/or buffer a lot.
If you have heavy memory use on your computer/pad/phone or a small amount of memory, videos may stop and/or buffer a lot.

Video started and stopped many times,,,was not impressed by what I saw

Video started and stopped many times,,,was not impressed by what I saw

Thanks to Whitley and Steve for making this video available!

the password isn't there anymore so I can't see video


I agree with RickRod. If a password for the video is on the subscriber home page, it must be hidden somehow. In any case, if the purported "password" is so obscure, you may be sure I, for one, may be unsubscribing soon. This is very frustrating indeed!

First thoughts? I wonder if we are seeing a pair/couple of some other life form either mating or perhaps mating/giving birth simultaneously. Eh? You say! The triad... two come together to create/manifest a third...

Can't help but ponder the possibility that we are being shown another secret of material manifestation.

Look closely (as best as possible, anyway) again at the video. Do you see male/female yin/yang elements?

Just a thought.

Oh, Rick and Bob, depepnding on what browser your using, it may not hurt to add UC domain url to the various 'allowed' settings in your browser's content allowance configuration.

Equally, if you use any form of script or cookie controls, add UC domain ( to the exclusions list and you should see the https password 'button' appear.

If none of these work, it may be that your trousers are too tight or, perhaps, that latex underwear you bought last Christmas, on a whim, is also a little too sheer.

One 'mince' pie too many, perchance?