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Should you lose your password, note that our password recovery tool is located under the Log In link on the masthead. It is under the tab called "Request New Login" immediately beside the "Log In" tab.

If you are unable to use the password recovery tool, send a password recovery request to Whenever you communicate with us, please let us know the email address you used when you signed up.

Using the Subscriber Area's archive is enormous, but also easy to explore, and there are many ways of doing this.

If you know what section the material you are looking for appears in, go to that section and click on the subject in the subject cloud to the right. For example, going to Whitley's Room and clicking on "Meditation" in the subject cloud will bring up a list of all of his meditations. You can drill down by using some of the more precise terms in the subject cloud.

Another way to explore is to use our search engine. To search general areas, simply input your search term into the search box on the upper right. For more specific searches, use 'advanced search,' which is located under the gold symbol to the right of the search box. This will open up a search engine that will enable you to search specific areas that you check off. For example, you could click 'Dreamland' and 'Special Interviews,' then search on the phrase 'Laurence Gardner' to find all programming in which he appeared.

You can also drill down by year in all sections. When you click on the "more" link in any section to the right, it will open up a list of recent shows, the section's subject cloud, a menu of programming by year, and a link at the bottom to "all programming" for that section. You can then scroll through the list that will appear to look for specific shows or just explore.

If you have any difficulty searching our archive, please write and we will be glad to help. (Please note that the Camarillo UFO video in our video area is private. The password is subscriber, all lower case.)

Listening on your mobile device.

If you go to on a mobile device, you will automatically be directed to our mobile site where you will find the most recent programming available to stream. If you want to listen to more, use the pull down menu to navigate to the full site, then go to the subscriber homepage and search the archive from there. When you find something you'd like to listen to, simply click on the download tab and it will stream on your device. If you wish to download onto your device, get instructions for your specific system and device. Not all mobile devices can download content.

If your device stops and repeats the programming after a few minutes, you are using an Apple device without a file management system and too little memory to stream the programming. To solve this problem, go to the Apple app store and get an app called Filer and download and manage programming through the app.

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To make any changes in your account, click on "MY ACCOUNT" menu where you can:
- Change your password.
- Add/change a Nickname, which is used instead of your real name when you post comments.
- Update your billing address and credit card details.
- Resubscribe if your subscription lapses.
- Change your time zone so site times will be shown local to you.
- Update how you get notified about replies to your comments.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription or turn off recurring billing, send a notice to Cancellations are refunded on a pro-rated basis. Please include the email address you used when you signed up.

This is a very special place, and membership is a very special experience. Thanks for joining us!