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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Whistleblowers and UFO Secrets

EXPLOSIVE DISCUSSION BETWEEN WHITLEY AND LINDA MOULTON HOWE! In 2002, Gary McKinnon obtained information from NASA computers that strongly suggested that the US was heavily involved in UFO related activities off-planet. Whitley Strieber interviewed him on Dreamland in 2003 and got the same story. This week, Whitley and Linda Moulton Howe take a look back at the Gary McKinnon disclosures and ask the question, could one of the new breed of whistleblowers come forward from within the secret government itself, as have Bradley Manning and Edward Snowdon, and provide the world with access to UFO secrets? If so, how might such a thing come about, and what might be disclosed?

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Whitley and Linda…Thank you for so much information.

I had a really awful dream last night that woke me up. Shorthand version…..I am with all of the people I love and knowing that something terrible is about to happen; I am at a loss as how to help them in the physical sense.

Extremely high up and into the clouds a kind of methane gas is forming and will shower down/be released onto a great landmass. In the dream I do not have the feeling it is intentional; more like a freak in nature that some people knew was coming. Is there anyway to save all of those people that are looking to me for help? How depressing/hopeless and helpless. I wake up totally depressed.

Note, this could be on a personal level since there is an illness in the family BUT this felt more like a planet event.

Whitley Linda, thank you so much for the work you do. Great show! I've been a subscriber for a couple of years, and I am always excited to hear the two of you together on dreamland. Thanks again

I posted this on yahoo
Lee G • 1 day 8 hrs agoReport Abuse
America this is our wake up call. It doesn’t matter what info the NSA has acquired or how they use it. What matters is that what they are doing goes against the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is what matters! The Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization act and the Federal reserve Bank are all unconstitutional. Don’t take my word for it read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and The Bill of rights and if you don’t understand it get a dictionary. Our government, our elected officials , have shown over and over again that they are willing to strip away the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitutions and Bill of Rights. There only concern is wealth and power and keeping that wealth and power. Both parties are supported by the wealthy elite and corporations and that is who our elected officials serve. We do not pick who runs for office, our States do not pick who runs for office, the parties do and those who are elected serve the parties and they are indebted to the wealthy elite and corporations that finance there parties, not the people. If we do not believe that the Constitution and Bills of Rights are the foundations of this country the guidelines by which our elected official are to govern then we have forgotten what it means to be an American.

Wonderful stuff I am so glad I subscribed.Thank you

Whitley and Linda, it was wonderful to hear the passion in both of your voices. Was the recording only meant to be 22 minutes long? (Linda was speaking, finished a sentence, and it ended there). If I missed something, maybe the two of you could do a further follow-up on this very present-moment theme. My personal concern in these matters is less about privacy (I live in a small monastery, am aged 73, and do nothing to be embarrassed about). What is momentous in my mind is the real readiness of most humans to hear the truth about our participation in a trans-terrestrial community, where we earthlings can no longer presume to be the brightest and the best!

A fascinating and sobering report. Linda Howe does great work as always, digging for the truth.

Thomas: My mp3 player times the show as 27:53, so 22 minutes seems 5 or 6 minutes short.