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Will wonders never cease? Mainstream media covers chemtrails.

This might be the first time a mainstream network affiliate has covered chemtrails. Interesting!

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Disinformation piece.

The senator defensively states there is no evidence of it happening, before he states it is not happening. Basically the first statement is most correct, the delayed correction is after he has had time to think. Most of the elected officials etc., have no clue on this, but he realizes it could be man-made but is not privy to the details OR he is privy and had a staged statement prepared or him.

Note they ask would the senator support spraying chemicals to combat global warming. Sounds like this piece that would normally be suppressed, has been allowed based on the possibility of introducing some a new cover story for later use. This gives the networks something to dig up, should the contrails story ever break in a big way.

The most likely option is that they are clouding the daytime skies, in preparation for something appearing in said skies that they don't want the public to see. There are several possibilities, but deploying of chem-trails happens well above the level of any elected government, secret organizations both known and unknown to the public, have long since ignored any elected government or official and treated them largely with contempt.

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