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UFOs and towns named Plymouth Part 1

When you are as close to the UFO phenomenon as I am, you come to notice how strange it really is. For example, UFOs love towns named Plymouth. This group of lights is from last night. Normally, I'd suspect candle lanterns, but the formation is very stable, which suggests otherwise.

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Yes, there is no logic. Some see blue triangles, some see orange balls. I am confusiated, cause I don't think they are going to land and explain it all. At least the tourist office in all the Plymouth's have something to boast about. This is an interesting journey for those who believe in UFO's, but I can see why sceptic's are having a hard time biting into this riddle. There is no consistency, no logic, nothing to state and no knowledge. Everything we know comes from repeated testing, checking things out, agreeing with others. UFO's defy that and for no apparent reason. There are never any logic behind all the strange events (cattle mutilation, abduction, missing people, bigfoot, cropcircles etc). They don't like to answer Our questions for sure.

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