Out There

UFO flotilla over New York City last night.

There is no reason to disbelieve this video, and it is indeed yet another UFO grouping, this time over New York City. These are really becoming so common that we have to wonder if they might not be leading to something new.

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So, the questions being: If they are U.FO.'s did they create the storms or did they come only to observe? Did they see into the future? The website below shows ORANGE ORBS in the clouds at the time of the Joplin, Missouri tornado. This storm wiped out one third of the town.

Darn Time Tourists! Thank goodness they don't take up all the good parking spaces! :-)

Seriously, I feel like time travel of some sort is involved, and the most vivid and personal UFO encounter that I ever had was, I feel, visitors from the future. They are visiting either because we did not make it through these turbulent times, or they want to find out HOW we made it through these turbulent times. (Note: Time travelers are not necessarily us from the future, at least in human form.)

Time will tell...;-)

Mayor Bloomberg won't be very happy. Mandatory evacuations and an even further increased police presence will no doubt be ordered soon if this doesn't end immediately lol.

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