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Strange pulsating lights over New Zealand

This is a genuine video, and there is no common form of aircraft that displays lights like this. So this is a real unknown. Graded A.

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This is very cool: No apparent movement, and the formation indeed doesn't correspond to any typical nav light arrangement. A blimp also seems unlikely, given the odd angle of the formation, and seeming lack of movement.

Is in Tasmania (Australia) not New Zealand. Close though : ) Great footage.

I know he mentions that there were no buildings or towers that the lights could have been coming from but can we assume that there are no mountains in the distance? If they were far off the atmosphere could have caused the twinkling effect in the lights.

Anyway, I would liked to have seen this one!

Looking on Google Earth, Mount Barrow is due East and can be seen from Mayfield. At 1414m / 4639 ft, that is quite a high peak looking over the area. Shame the reporter doesn't mention which direction the lights were coming from, so we could have ruled that out.

The person filming the object shows no reaction to what is being witnessed. I find it hard to believe that anyone would be able to stay absolutely silent and have nothing to say when seeing such a mysterious anomaly. Even if he/she were able to keep quiet while the lights are stationary, surely there would be some sort of reaction when they suddenly go out all at once. Maybe I'm just being nit-picky, but that is what makes this video a bit suspect to me.

Sherbet: The article says the lights were "in the sky high above the tree line", implying that they appeared above the local hills. It is unfortunate that pretty much all witnesses that film UFOs don't think to post control footage for comparison.
Diggity: Hill also says that this isn't the first time he's seen these lights, having first seen them with his friends on the 26th, and then again on the 28th when he made the video. This could account for a lack of verbal reaction.

Looks like a bunch of candles to me.

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