Out There

Object manuevering just above lunar surface.

You need to look closely to see this. Of course the question has to be asked: why did the videographer happen to be shooting video of the moon at that moment? Nevertheless, potentially authentic footage. Too low resolution to resolve the tampering issue, unfortunately, but appears authentic.

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A much better quality version is here (which I suspect is the original), rather than one just copied from a PC monitor with a low quality camera - it didn't take much searching for...


Posters comment from original video...

"~credits video: http://youtube.com/flaxious [flaxious quote]: "I filmed the moon, just to test my new camera, when I watched the footage on my computer, I noticed these 'orbs' , ufo's , balls or whatever. Might be artifacts (technical glitches), I just don't know. Thought it was funny to try and analyze it a bit by zooming a little. I counted 7 'orbs' , 2 at the end that aren't counted in the video. [flaxious unquote]"

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