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Fun Hoax, Well Presented

This piece of hoax video is very nicely done--although the darkness and the low resolution 'highway camera' covered some of the glitches in the animation. Still, it's a nice job, although the actors aren't going to be winning any awards.

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Curious. Who proved this video a hoax? How was it done? It would be helpful to know what signs might indicate this as a hoax so that we can be better able to distinguish hoaxes from the real thing. And another thought: if such an event were real, wouldn't the powers that be - as well as committed cynics - do their very best to discredit it? What I mean is that can we always believe the debunkers, the hoax busters who may have their own agenda for keeping us ignorant? I want to see evidence either way.

@Tosca - It's done in CG programs like Maya & Houdini, then composited with something like Nuke & Aftereffects.

Actually anybody that has even a bit of knowledge in this area can see the effects (they're not exactly Hollywood quality - although even Hollywood can sometimes show it's tricks if you know where to look).

Go here for an example of how things that don't exist get added to the real world - click on the video http://www.planetxfx.com/en/film/97/spion-van-oranje/

My only thing is why are these guys wasting time with this - it just muddies the waters for real encounters.

Thanks El Gringo. I guess that's the downfall of the digital age, that it's becoming difficult to tell fake from real, at least for non-tech people like me. I am usually very skeptical about what is reported, but parts of this looked so convincing, so unpolished and natural, and I wanted it to be real. But yes, such fakes do muddy the waters, and make it almost impossible to have good evidence taken seriously.

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