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Coast Guard aircraft encounters gigantic UFO.

Unfortunately, without being able to talk to the witness who reported this, it is impossible to determine how accurate the story is, but if it is true, it would certainly not be the first time an encounter between a huge UFO and a military aircraft has taken place. The most famous such incident took place over England in 1957, when Dr. (then Major) Milton Torres was ordered to scramble his fighter and attack a UFO he described as being "the size of an aircraft carrier." When he armed his rockets, it disappeared. To watch Nick Pope's interview of Dr. Torres, click here.

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what a shame they didn't bring a 100$ camera onto their expensive aircraft. Maybe a camera phone. They type everybody has, even kids.

That's because the members of a flight crew on a Coast Guard patrol aircraft aren't "everybody", let alone kids. These are professionals that have absolutely zero use for superfluous equipment such as digital cameras in their survival suits, especially since they're not expecting to have anything of interest to photograph ("we had done it literally hundreds of times"). They also have less than zero need to lug along cell phones that won't even work along their patrol route, of which is literally hundreds of miles from any cell tower signals. They may even cause problems, in that they could potentially interfere with their craft's onboard equipment, as the hapless phone constantly queries for a non-existent signal. Besides, what good is yet another crap-quality cell phone shot of a jiggling, compression artifacted blur to us?
What might be of actual value, however, might be if this crewman were able to talk to some of the fishermen to see if they would be willing to inform him of their respective ships' positions at the time of their sightings, to try to glean any information from that. But it's probably a long shot that they'd even broach the subject again.

Maybe but today people carry a camera everywhere. Even in war.
Don't tell me the fishermen didn't have a camera.
When he doesn't explain why he hasn't any pictures I think twice about the story.
Now it is just another text story. It's kinda still 1947 in UFO land. Something is wrong with that picture. Definately. There are more UFO photos from way back than from recent times and that can't be right. I don't know the reason.

Really? You're joking, right?
If you re-read the article, it will explain why the USCG member that reported the story didn't obtain any photographs from the fishermen, and of top of that, it implies that he didn't even speak directly to them. As well, the fishermen are even less likely to carry a camera/cell cell on them while working than the USCG crew, since not only would a cell be just as useless at sea for them, they're also constantly getting doused with seawater, even in calm waters. Personal electronics do not last long in those conditions.
Not everyone carries a camera everywhere they go. Three years ago, a family member and I witnessed a UFO, and neither of us had a camera on hand to try to record it. I could have gone into the house to get one, but I was more interested in observing the event, and leaving the scene would have caused me to miss the event entirely.
But that's just another text story that you'll have to think twice about. Regardless of what you "think", a low-quality, easily faked picture is a poor substitute for the testimony of a professional observer, like a USCG flight crew member.
If you're counting "way back" as being the history of UFO photography before the recent flood of cell phone images, then you're right, there are more UFO photographs from "way back" -- but that's because the "recent times" of UFO photography only account for less than 5% of that history. Speaking as someone who has been studying the UFO phenomenon for nearly four decades, I can safely say that compared to the veritable deluge of UFO footage being published today, UFO photographs in a pre-CMOS world were actually pretty scarce. That isn't to say that a huge library of high-quality, credible photos doesn't exist, but that's due to the collective accumulation of roughly a century's worth of people taking pictures of weird stuff in the sky.

My point was that (for whatever reason?) he doesn't seem to think it is important with pictures or names/emails of witnesses. He doesn't spend 1 hour trying to call some fishermen to hear if they maybe has some HD photos of this "once in a lifetime mindscattering" event. Since he is on an aircraft in the Coast Guard he is used to documenting everything he does. File reports. Monitoring the skies. Performing checks. Do You really believe they don't have a camera onboard? Did they see it on radar? He doesn't say. Kinda important if You ask me. He sure is one kool customer. Maybe he did see an extraterrestial cigarshaped spacecraft 1 mile long full of aliens and just thought "holy smokes, that's like Startrek! - made my day bro!". It would have been a first had he taken a picture. I so wish he had.

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