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Aussie UFO draws clouds, causes storm. Unusual case.

Interesting case. Descriptions of UFOs causing visible weather effects are very rare.

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Not sure if the storm was connected to the object to begin with (it might have been attracted to the storm, or it might have been coincidence), but if you were going to give anything a high grade to a video here, this is one of the better candidates.
At worst, this is a misidentification case, but I can't really think of what it might be. The object is moving roughly south to north, against the wind, and appears to be within the clouds, according to the witnesses. The witnesses are also genuinely reacting to something odd, with the cameraman in a heightened observational state ("There's a cockroach in the gutter.").

1). I don't see any evidence that the storm is connected / influenced by the object.
2). I don't see the object moving at all with respect to the palm tree (for example), or other static structures in the frame.
3). I don't see any evidence that the object is moving against the wind.

Let us just entertain the possibility for a momentt, that this is a squarish hot air balloon, with a yin yang symbol on it, that is flying high above the clouds, being lit by the morning sun. It quite possible that it is flying above the clouds in a fairly calm section of sky, unrelated to the low level dark clouds below - several miles away in clean air, high up. Its apearing and disappearing could be due to the light coloured clouds temporarily obscuring its view.

I would love this to be real UFO and in a sense it is still 'unidentified'...but I just don't buy it.

While the object doesn't move much during the bulk of the video, it does reposition early in the clip, moving from right to left, if you take note of what trees it appears over. The cameraman in fact winds up moving to his right to keep it in frame: according to the parallax effect, if the object were stationary the camera's movement would cause it to appear to move further to the right instead. Later in the video, the object has either increased it's altitude, or moved to a position more overhead of the witnesses: compare how close it is to the treeline at the start of the video, as compared to later on.
As for the storm, if you watch from about 4:00 onward, you can see the clouds are moving from left to right, counter to both of the object's displayed trajectories. Also, if the storm were moving from right to left, then it would have already passed overhead.

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