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Wheat Has its Own Pink Slime

We've reported on the "pink slime" that is sometimes added to hamburger meat. It turns out there's a kind of pink slime that can be added to wheat products as well!

It's called "whey protein concentrate," and you're likely to find it in prepared foods, such as power bars. It's derived from milk, which aside from being skimmed, can also be broken down into several parts, one of which is "whey." Separating milk into "curds" and "whey" is the first step in making cheese.

Whey was once considered waste that was fed to pigs, but now it's trucked to a factory, where it's separated out into various parts, one of which is a valuable substance called "lactoferrin," which is present in breast milk, but not in cow's milk (which is one reason that some infants find cow's milk hard to digest). It's a form of concentrated protein that's sold in health food stores for as much as $50 an once.

On, Dan Charles quotes cheese-maker Eric Bastian as saying, "Depending on the markets, in any given year, the whey may be more valuable than the cheese. The bodybuilders got into this in a big way. They found that in terms of bulking up, putting muscle on their bodies, whey protein was the best protein that they could find."

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I have actually started using a product like this, and taking Ammino Acid supplements. As I am working on getting healthy, I take it after weightlifting. I am not trying to bulk up much, but rather get leaner. I can say that the addition of this and the supplements to my diet, makes post-workout pain much less intense. Without them, I do not know if I would be able to continue this level of activity, as my muscles used to hurt for days. One thing though, I am under the supervision of a licensed trainer, who insisted that I share the things she recommended with my Doctor before I took anything. Her next recommendation is acupuncture, and I am looking forward to it.

I would agree and would not consider whey protein anything like "pink slime."
I'm a vegetarian who does consume eggs and dairy products, especially whey. I have not found a completely vegetable diet that actually provides the right types of proteins, especially if one wishes to maintain some degree of muscle mass. Beans, nuts. lentils, while containing protein, just don't cut it by themselves. Whey is a good thing.

Be careful-- there's another side to whey protein. It causes a spike of insulin in the blood by stimulating the pancreas. This is actually a good thing for growing calves (and perhaps body builders) as it can stimulate growth in the right circumstance. However, it can be a real problem for most of us. High insulin levels in the blood, over time, lead to obesity and eventually to type 2 diabetes. They also lead to cardiovascular disease and make us much more susceptible to cancer.
If a little bit of whey protein is the only thing in your diet causing insulin spikes, the body can compensate. But whey isn't the only thing that causes insulin spikes. Concentrated sugars, starches, and a lot of the chemicals now added to nearly all packaged foods also cause these spikes. So does stress. The result of all this is chronic high insulin levels. When insulin levels are higher than normal, it can trigger responses including increased appetite (beyond the body's caloric needs), unhealthy weight gain, elevated blood pressure or cholesterol in some, increased inflammation, and more.

All I can offer is my personal experience: since completely eliminating all wheat products from my diet 3 years ago in a desperate bid to end 14 years of a serious, debilitating gut disorder, I effortlessly lost 70+ pounds, I feel and look 15 years young, my joints no longer ache, I no longer feel tempted to eat compulsively, and I have a lot more energy. Oh and yes, my gut is healed. It's such an amazing transformation, people frequently ask me what I've been doing. They are eager for my "secret." When I tell them, they shake their heads, as if what I'm telling them is just too difficult to implement in their own lives. It's sad, this is literally the secret to health, weight loss and age reversal, but they just shake their heads, Regardless, I am so grateful for this discovery,

@ Danaan:
I've heard this, but I've not found a way to get enough protein in my diet, considering that I should be consuming about a gram per pound of body weight, in my vegetarian diet. And, although I would not consider myself a body builder by any means, I do lift weights on a regular basis.
I have not experienced any of the side effects you mention. In fact, I would say the whey actually decreases my appetite. Moreover, I eat almost no packaged foods, but I do, however, experience stress from time to time, but nothing beyond what the avergae human has to deal with.
Still, I will take your advice to heart and keep a close eye on it.

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