TV Station KDVR in Denver was given a video of a UFO by a local resident, who told them that he was taking the images on a regular basis in the area. The station sent its own cameraman to the location and was also able to record the object.

An aviation expert has confirmed that it is not a plane, a bird, an insect or any known form of aircraft. It moves so quickly that it is difficult to see with the naked eye. It appears to be landing and taking off in Denver on a regular basis. The object has been dismissed as an insect, however it moves across the field of view on the same approximate trajectory each time it is recorded, has been observed by a professional who declares that it is an unknown, and has been filmed at the same time by two cameras, one of them being controlled by a professional. While an ordinary explanation is always possible, the plane, bird and insect theories remain unproven.

Recurring UFOs are unusual. The most famous case was the Camarillo UFO, which appeared around Thanksgiving in Camarillo, California for six years between 1996 and 2001. Subscribers can listen to Dr. Roger Leir discussing the Camarillo sightings in our December, 2000 archive.

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