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Thanks, Vets!

On Veteran's Day, just wants to say THANKS to everyone who has fought so hard for our country, and to remind you of two of Anne Strieber's most popular diaries, which she wrote about our Vets. To read them, click here and here.

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I want to add my thank you to all the Veterans that have served on my behalf. I especially want to thank my Father (WWII) and my Grandfather (WWI) for their service. Both have crossed long ago. Little is known about the service of my Grandfather and I consider that my family's loss. My Father served in the Pacific Campaign during WWII where he commanded an LCI. He participated in 9 invasions, including the Battle of Leyte Gulf when MacArthur returned to the Philippines. He was awarded two Bronze Stars, one from the USA and one from the Philippine Government for his participation in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. During his time in service he transported Japanese prisoners of war and armaments for the troops and was threatened by Kamikazes. His life was saved during Leyte Gulf because a ship cut his off to land ahead of him. That ship took a direct hit by a Kamikaze and all aboard died. Somehow he came home to us. This War, though necessary, took a terrible toll on him and he was forever changed by what he experienced. He was a good man thrust into the horrors of War as all of you have been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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