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Another Severe Storm Hits Britain

Another severe storm lashed the U.K. on Monday, leaving two people dead and a trail of destruction in the wake of its fury.
Many rail, air and ferry services were disrupted, and it was chaos on the nation's roads, with the U.K's Network Rail declaring that storm damage was worse than that caused by recent super-storm Jude.

The U...
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Wind Power? No Wind

One of the main substitutes for green-house gas emitting energy is WIND POWER, but we'd better build more wind turbines soon, because climate change can cut down on wind and make this technology useless. The prevailing winds in the "free" atmosphere about 1,000 meters above the ground are maintained by a temperature gradient that...
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It's Nothing New

Wind power is nothing new?archeologists in Iran have discovered that people living there over 5,000 years ago used it to run their kilns. quotes archeologist Omran Garajian as saying, "Being located near Lut Desert, where wind blows constantly and in fixed directions, had caused the prehistoric inhabitants of the area to use...

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Fierce Winds Kill 6 in France

Hurricane force winds struck Paris and northern Francewithout warning today, causing extensive damage and killingsix people. The storm lasted only a few minutes, but struckParis with 80mph winds.

The event was associated with a fast-moving cold front, butwas not anticipated and is not understood.

At Versailles, trees were...

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Wind May Spread Power Line Carcinogens

Popular Mechanics - In recent years, there has been a controversy about increased cancer deaths of people living near power lines. Physicists and power industry executives have dismissed this link, because they say the energy levels are too low to affect cell chemistry, but the statistics tell another story. Now British...

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