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Wheat Has its Own Pink Slime

We've reported on the "pink slime" that is sometimes added to hamburger meat. It turns out there's a kind of pink slime that can be added to wheat products as well!

It's called "whey protein...
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YOU May be an Addict

But I don't drink too much or take drugs, you say, so how could that be? But you may have a very common addiction--to bread.

CBS News quotes cardiologist William Davis as saying that modern wheat is a "perfect, chronic poison."

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Is a Wheat Emergency on the Way?

It's bad enough that we have a missing bee mystery, as well as a major coral die off (which affects the fish population). Now it turns out we also have a mysterious wheat blight.

In New Scientist, Debora Mackenzie quotes Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, who is known as the father of the Green Revolution, as saying, "This thing has immense...

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