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Week of Seismic Unrest Across the World - What Does It Mean?

The past week has seen a significant level of seismic unrest across the globe.

In Iceland, the volcano Bárðarbunga hit the headlines worldwide but so far only a minor eruption of lava has taken place; however earthquake activity around the site continues.
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Impending Icelandic Volcano Eruption Could Pose Risk To Aviation and Climate

Our beleaguered climate is enough trouble without the effects of any other destabilizing factors; however, another huge volcano is predicted to erupt and unleash clouds of volcanic ash into the atmosphere in the very near future.

The volcano, one of the largest in Iceland, has been showing signs of awakening since August 16th since a...
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With Yellowstone shaking, we ask how the eruption of a supervolcano would really affect the US

Unknowncountry has been monitoring the increased earthquake activity at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, and considering the potential effects of a Super-volcano eruption. The National Park is perched on top of a simmering Super-volcano which has been responsible for some of the largest and most cataclysmic volcanic eruptions in known history....
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Predicting When They'll Blow

If the world ends, will it be water (again) or fire? When volcanoes erupt, the devastation is short-lived, but...
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Two About to Blow

An enormous magma dome is growing under the Greek Island of Santorini, while pressures are building inside Japan's Mt. Fuji. And things aren't so quiet right here in the US either!

A new survey suggests that the chamber of molten rock beneath Santorini's...
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Climate Change: More Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Climate change brings along a couple of companions: Volcano eruptions and earthquakes....
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Death Valley Volcano More Active than Thought

A team of scientists has discovered that the Ubehebe volcano in Death Valley, California, "may explode at any time." Magma has built up under the surface much faster and higher than previously thought. There is a water table just 500 feet below the surface of the crater, and when the magma reaches the water, it will explode.
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Volcano May Destroy a Country

Why is a volcano in Bolivia getting bigger and more powerful so FAST?

The Huffington Post quotes researcher Andrea Mustain as saying that a 43 mile wide volcano called Uturuncu is "inflating with astonishing speed." They quote volcanologist Shan de Silva as saying that Uturuncu is "one of the fastest uplifting volcanic...
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How the Mayans Escaped

There are Mayan secrets that have not yet been revealed, and one of these may have been an escape route from a volcano in El Salvador. On an August evening 1,400 years ago the Loma Caldera...
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Volcanoes Could be Cooling the Earth

When it comes to climate change, it turns out that volcanoes may NOT be heating up the atmosphere--instead, they may function as a kind of natural air conditioning system. In order to stave off climate...
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More Japanese Volcanoes Ready to Erupt

Japan's Meteorological Agency warns that after the massive March 11 earthquake, the country's other 20 volcanoes have become more likely to erupt, and there will also continue to be aftershocks in the area. Maybe we should heed the warning: Japanese geologist Masanobu Shishikura warned his country that a massive quake was coming, which would send...
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Iceland: Now it's Earthquakes!

Iceland doesn't just have volcanoes under its massive ice sheets, it has earthquake swarms as well. Since earthquakes often set off volcanoes, this makes sense. There have been over 400 earthquakes...
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Iceland Eruption: Even BIGGER This Time

The volcano that erupted in Iceland last year and disrupted the world's air traffic is about to do it again. Volcanologists say that Eyjafjallajokull threatens to send out a cloud of dust and it could even set off a swarm of earthquakes around the world. The February 8th...
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Will a Supervolcano Destroy Europe?

Two thousand years ago Mount Vesuvius exploded and destroyed Pompeii. Today, a larger, more deadly supervolcano called Campi Flegrei, on the other side of Naples, shows signs of getting restless. If it erupts, it could wipe out all life in Europe.

Campi Flegrei is an active four-mile-wide sunken volcano which hides beneath the...
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Something ominous could be on the way: ANOTHER huge underwater volcano may erupt soon (and no, it's not Katla or Laki).

Just off Italy's southwestern coast, beneath the Tyrrhenian Sea, lies Marsili, which is Europe's biggest underwater volcano. Geologists have recently discovered that its walls are weakening and could collapse at any...

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The BIG ONE Still on the Way

Volcano, that is - While the effects of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull are slowly beginning to dissipate, there are new worries about the Katla volcano, which is hidden beneath another ice cap 12 miles away. It erupts much more often than Eyjafjallajokull and with much greater force and an even larger plume of ash.

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Something Strange

Under the ocean near California - 700 feet deep in the waters off Santa Barbara in California, a group of football-field-sized asphalt domes pave the bottom of the ocean. They are unlike any other underwater features known to exist--are they underwater volcanoes? (and if so, are they dormant?) We need to know if we have a...

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Climate Change Means More Volcanoes

Climate change isn't just melting ice caps, it's about melting magma too. This, in turn, will lead to more volcanic eruptions. The recent volcano in Iceland may have disrupted air travel, but what's even more amazing is that a huge volcanic eruption in Indonesia 74,000 years ago changed the course of evolution!

The largest ice cap in...

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Update on Iceland Volcano

What's the latest on the Iceland volcano that's cancelling flights to Europe? While airlines have grounded their planes and are making test flights to evaluate the situation, winds are sending rocks and debris from the eruption into Europe, and these are not ORDINARY rocks.

Most pilots learn about how to fly through ash during flight...

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Volcanic Eruption Strands Europe

Could last for weeks or even months. - On Thursday, April 14 thousands flights out of many European airports were shut down due to a huge cloud of volcanic ash from an eruption in Iceland. Eyjafjallajokull is astratovolcano like Mt. Vesuvius. They are characterized byexplosive eruptions that tend to end as abruptly as theystart...

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Is Italy Next?

Has God got something ELSE in store for us? Italy may be the next site for a huge natural disaster. Europe's largest undersea volcano could explode, creating a tsunami that would engulf southern Italy at any time. An Italian vulcanologist says, "It could even happen tomorrow."

Yahoo News quotes Enzo Boschi as saying, "Our latest research...

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Supervolcano may be About to Blow

It's Mount St. Helen's again! - Is there a supervolcano lurking underneath Mount St. Helens in Washington State, which already erupted in 1980? Scientists now have special instruments that enable them to "peek" beneath the seemingly dormant volcano, and they have seen a large amount of semi-molten rock, which could set off...

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Volcanoes Bring Life AND Death

Volcanoes may have originally been the source of life on Earth. But today they cause death, and nearly 500 million people live close enough to the planet's 600 currently active volcanoes. We need to find a way to PREDICT when these mountains are going to explode!

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A Brand New Island

Another indication of the high level of volcanic activity worldwide is that a large new island has appeared in the South Pacific, near Tonga, in an area so isolated that it has gone virtually unnoticed by scientists. A cruising yacht and a fishing boat have both reported sailing into a vast area of floating pumice, and the captain of the...

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New Kind of Singing Volcano

There may be a new KIND of volcano around. And we now know that volcanoes "sing," as a kind of warning, when they're about to erupt.

Sara Goudarzi writes in that volcanoes that have erupted on the ocean floor in the western Pacific could be a new type, never seen before. Most volcanoes erupt when the earth?s tectonic...

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Volcanic Activity Increasing Rapidly--UPDATE

Volcanic activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire appears to beincreasing as volcanoes in Japan and New Zealand becomeactive and eight volcanoes in the Phillipines are put on thewatch list.

Mt. Merapi on the island of Java continues to emit largequantities of gasses and magma, endangering the lives ofthousands who live on its slopes.

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Indonesia Volcano Red Alert

As local residents carried out age-old magical ritualsdesigned to quiet the volcano, the Indonesian governmentordered mass evacuations from thearea of Mt. Merapi today, as a major eruption now appears tobe imminent. The ten thousand foot mountain is in a denselypopulated region of central Java, and has gone into a stateof continuous lava flow....

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Oregon Volcano May be Ready to Erupt

A mysterious bulge in the Earth's crust is growing in Oregon, meaning magma underneath the surface is on the move and could erupt into a volcano soon. The bulge is in the Three Sisters mountains, which are remnants of volcanoes in the Cascade mountains that were thought to be extinct.

Lucy Sherriff writes in The Register that there was...

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Mexican Volcano Ready to Blow

The Colima Volcano in Mexico's Jalisco State has producedthree powerful eruptions in the past four days, andvolcanologists are concerned that a major volcanic event maybe forthcoming. On May 30, the volcano, 450 miles fromMexico City erupted more powerfully than it has in 20years. The 12,540 foot volcano exploded violently in 1913,and appears...

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Volcanic Activity Rises Worldwide

On Thursday the Indonesian government placed 11 volcanoes oneruption watch, as volcanism continued to increaseworldwide and especially in the Indian Ocean area. On April12 alone, there was activity recorded at asurprisingly large number of volcanoes. Mt. St. Helens inthe US, Canlaon in the Phillipines, Chikurachki and Ebko inthe Kurile Islands...

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