Walter Haut, the Air Force press officer who originallyreleased a statement from the Roswell Army Air Field statingthat the army had captured a flying disk, has died. Haut was83. In 1989, he met with Whitley Strieber in Roswell, tookMr. Strieber to the old base and to the site of the originalcrash, and stated that the object that had crashed therehad, without question, been something from another world.In a surprise phone call, Haut verified Whitley?s story of the Roswell crash when Strieber was on the Larry King Live TV show to promote his 1989 novel Majestic, which is about Roswell.

Haut’s daugher Julie Shuster says that her father neverdoubted that the crash really happened and thatextraterrestrials had visited the area. In 1991, he helpedfound the International UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico,where the UFO crash occurred in July of 1947.

At that time, Haut was the press officer at the US Army AirForce Base in Roswell. On July 8, 1947, Haut, oninstructions from base commander William Blanchard, put outa press release about the discovery of the remains of acrashed UFO on the Brazel ranch near the base. The Armyimmediately issued a press release contradicting this story,saying that the remains were from a crashed weather balloon.The Roswell base was home to the 509th bomb wing, which wasthe only atomic bomb group in existence at the time.

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