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Chimp Depravity

Animals can be as depraved as humans--they can even watch porn. When Gina, a female chimpanzee at the Seville Zoo in Spain, was given a TV set, she began to watch pornography almost constantly.

In the...
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Your TV May be Spying on You

While you're watching TV, your TV could be watching YOU, but only if you buy a special kind of DVR that not only notes what shows you watch (the way a Tivo does), but actually SPIES on you (NOTE: subscribers...
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Why Are People So Crazy? Reality TV!

One of the reasons that people may vote against their own interests is the popularity of Reality TV shows. We begin to exhibit symptoms and behaviors indistinguishable from what the...
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Watching Reruns Leads to Better Mental Health

We keep hearing that we need to turn off the TV, get off the couch, and go outside and exercise. Anne Strieber's diet book--which has been REDUCED in price to help YOU reduce--has a chapter about exercise titled "The Tyranny of the Body."...
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A Simple Cure for Insomnia--Lose the TV

More than 40% of Americans say they don't get enough sleep, and the culprit could be watching TV in bed. A new study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 95% of people polled had used some sort of electronic device less than an hour before bed the previous night. Exposure to...
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Does Arab TV Broadcast Dangerous Messages?

Nidal Hasan, the alleged shooter in the Fort Hood massacre, will soon face a military trial and could, if convicted, be sentenced to death. Hasan was radicalized by jihadist websites on the internet, which brings up concerns about Al Jazeera, the Arab TV network that is now being broadcast in the US. However, a new study shows that despite the...
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Internet Kids

Many parents think their kids watch too much TV, and now that the internet and television are becoming more alike, many parents want to limit their kids' computer time too. And the more time adolescent girls spend in front of Facebook, the greater change they have of...
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Control TV With a Wave of Your Hand

Just don't wave your hands while you're talking! - New technology is showing up all the time, and some of it is really out there. First, remote controls replaced knobs so we can change channels without getting up from the couch. In the future, we will dispense with the remote controls (which are always getting lost under the...

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TV Violence

Is that the way it really happens? - Researchers compared real homicide data to what we see on TV shows such as CSI. They wanted to find out if these shows presented real public health information and if they portrayed what really happens when a homicide is committed. The results were mixed.

When researchers at the Mayo...

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TV Leads to Early Sex

Children, especially girls, are reaching puberty at alarmingly younger ages every year. This is a major problem, since with longer lives and more education, most women want to put off having children to a later age than ever before. The sexualizing of children has been blamed on too much sex on TV?but now researchers have found that even...

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TV Produces Mean Teens

Watching lots of violence on television and playing violentvideo games makes kids mean and physically aggressive. A newstudy shows that the longer a kid is exposed to high levelsof TV and video game violence, the more the child is likelyto threaten and bully other kids. "Long before kids throw apunch or pick up a weapon, they're probably...

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TV Causes Anorexia

Doctors now have concrete evidence that TV watching causes eating disorders in teenage girls. It?s long been suspected that skinny actresses like Ally McBeal make teenage girls feel fat, even if they?re not. Now a major study examining the impact of the introduction of television into two towns in the Pacific islands of Fiji shows that TV...

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TV Causes Violent Behavior

Teen-agers who watch more than an hour of television a day are much more likely to become violent than the few teens who watches less, according to a study led by Jeffrey Johnson of Columbia University. His team found that both men and women are affected by violent programs on television, but teen-aged boys are especially at risk.


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