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How to RUIN Your Beach Vacation

As summer rolls around, many of us are planning to travel to a vacation spot on a plane, often to a beach, where we'll lie out in the sun. But this is not always safe--even if you use SUNSCREEN! What's going on here?

In AOL News, Andrew Schneider reports that while creams and ointments might prevent sunburn, they don't keep the sun's...

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Women, Watch Out! (Under the Sun)

As the weather turns cold, many of us dream of going to an tropical island, where we can bask in the sun. But women should be especially careful when planning such a trip, because exposure to the sun ages them FASTER than it does men.

A new laser-based technique images the deeper layers of the skin in order to view the collagen and...

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Sunscreen can be BAD for You

How can that be? We've finally gotten sunscreen that's effective. But dermatologists say that even if we use the best sunscreen, if we don't apply it often enough, it can actually make sun damage worse. reports that when UV radiation from the sun is absorbed by the skin, it generates what are called reactive oxygen...

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Cancer Preventing Sunscreen Finally Available Here

A little over two years ago, we wrote a story about an extraordinary sunscreen that was available abroad but not yet approved by the FDA. It was so much more effective than we what we had that US sunbathers were importing it from Europe. Well, now it is available in the US.

The new sunscreen blocks the type of ultraviolet light that is...

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