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Military Suicides: A Surprising Cause

There are too many suicides among soldiers in our military (and even one is too many). One would assume this is due to getting "Dear John" letters from wives and girlfriends back home or from the...
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Most Overdoses are Caused by Common Drugstore Painkiller

Overdoses of the common household drug acetaminophen (the main ingredient in Tylenol) leads to more than 78,000 emergency department visits a year. Consumers take Tylenol to reduce pain or fever, but few of them realize that when misused, acetaminophen can lead to acute liver failure and even death, often due to accidental overdose by an...
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The Happiest Places Produce the Most Suicides

The happiest countries and happiest US states tend to have the most depression and the highest suicide rates. Why would this be?

Recent research has confirmed a little known and seemingly puzzling fact: many happy countries have...
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More Suicides at High Elevations

But nobody knows why - Suicide rates among middle-aged people are going up and there are more suicides in areas of high elevation (but scientists don't know why). Are people over 30 all moving to the Rockies and finding the STILL can't get a job?

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Surprising Fact About Something Sad

Suicide - By the 1990s, the science of psychiatry in the US had focused its attention on depression, which has hit one profession especially hard. Your pet dog can give you clues about your community's health, but what about your dog's health? There may not be anyone to take care of your pet in the future since there is such a...

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Middle-Aged Suicide: Is the Problem Money?

Teen suicide gets plenty of airtime, but a new US study finds that middle-aged whites are emerging as a high-risk group. Could this be due to the recession?

Before 1999, white middle-aged men were the least likely to kill themselves. However, for the period from 1999 to 2005, the rate for African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Native...

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Half of Violent Deaths are Suicides

1.6 million people a year die violent deaths every year around the world, and half of these are suicides, according to the World Health Organization. One third of the violent deaths are homicides and 20% are victims of war. Violence is the leading cause of death in people from the mid-teens to middle age. Eastern European people have the...

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