UFOs have been seen in the U.K., Canada and Kansas, and a wonderful new photo of a UFO was taken in Venezuela.

Kevin Engstrom reports in the Winnipeg (Canada) Sun that John Stewart saw a UFO in August, along with his wife and 11-year-old son. “It was the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says. “It was absolutely amazing to see and the more I think about it, the more I wish I could see it again.”

Stewart says the UFO hovered a few feet above the ground, and he realized how large it was when it flew over the highway where he was driving. It was gray and had round windows. It turned sideways and passed over the cars at high speed. He says, “Me and my wife looked at each other and said ‘What the hell is that?’ It wasn’t aerodynamic at all, so it shouldn’t have been able to have been flying, let alone flying while going that fast.”

“I have no idea what it was,” Stewart says. “If I believed in aliens I’d have thought it was a probe of some sort but I don’t know about that?Nobody believed me until my wife said she saw it, too. So they now believe we saw something.”

UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski asked all three family members to draw pictures of what they saw and all the drawings looked alike.

25 UFOs were reported in Winnipeg last year, according to the 2003 Canadian UFO Survey led by Rutkowski. There were 673 sightings in Canada last year, an increase of 39% from 2002.

Tony Ortega writes in Pitch.com about Bob Lindsay’s UFO sighting in Kansas City in January. Lindsay noticed that a security camera trained on the boiler stacks of the plant where he works had captured the image of a strange object moving across the sky. He says, “I saw a long, black object, and I could see flames starting at its nose and going up both sides of it.”

He tried to show the tape to local news and UFO organizations, but nobody was interested until local TV station KMBC Channel 9 finally aired the tape. They contacted NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) and discovered there were no reports of re-entering piece of space junk in the area. An astronomer said the object was probably a large meteor.

Jonathan Barnes writes in the East Anglian Daily Times that several people saw a mysterious circle in the sky in the early evening. Chris Mills says, “I’d just left the station when I saw a plane in the sky making vapor trails. But in front of it, and seemingly much lower in the sky, was a perfectly round cloud?like a halo above the area around the Ipswich Town stadium.”

Jim Keating, who also spotted the “halo,” says, “It was like a vapor trail, but a complete circle?I don’t know what it was?I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Dale Scott says, “It was very strange, like a massive smoke ring in the sky. I’ve got no idea what it was.”

A local weather man explains it this way: “It was a condensation trail (plane contrail) that formed an exact circle, which was visible before sunset?We don’t think it was anything extra special…”

The incredible UFO photo that accompanies this story was taken in Venezuela and we received it thanks to Scott Corrales, who brings us UFO news from South America.

One of the most distinguished scientists ever to take UFOs seriously was hounded by intelligence operatives and committed suicide. Ann Druffle tells the disturbing story in Firestorm.

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