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Huge Block of Ice Falls From Sky

A chunk of ice, ?half the size of a car? fell out of the sky and ripped through the roof of a repair service area at an Acura dealership in Charleston, South Carolina. Authorities say samples of the ice are being tested by state officials, but for now, the source of the ice remains a mystery.

The ice landed about 9 a.m. last Wednesday,...

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Ice Chunk from Nowhere Strikes Home

A 3 pound chunk of ice crashed through the roof of a house owned by a 63 year old woman in Sydney, Australia last Wednesday. No one was hurt when the block smashed to pieces on the bathroom floor. The woman was home when she heard the crashing noise, and police found a hole in the ceiling.

Police Inspector Paul Hume consulted the weather...

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Unusual Weather Formation Over Northeast Could Cause Monster Storm

An extremely unusual weather formation developing over the Northeastern US could cause a monster storm, according to meterologists. "Meteorlogists say it's unusual and it's not like anything they've seen in fifty years," according to National Weather Service Spokesman Curtis Carey.

The storm is expected to strike the northeast on Sunday...

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