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Zit Killer

We have bacteria that can gobble up oil spills (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), and now we may have a virus that can attack pimples. Doctors have discovered a harmless virus...
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How Our Skin Knows When to Tan

What's on your calendar for the rest of 2012? Here's a question that those of use who are able to escape the cold by heading for warm beaches may ponder: How does our the skin know to start...
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Our Skin Can Save Us

If there's one thing we're all entangled with, it's our skin, and this valuable outer covering may eventually be able to help us to find cures that will save our lives in many different ways, from curing cancer to repairing our spinal cords so paralyzed people can walk again. How? Stem cells! We are learning more and more new ways to heal...

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Immortal Skin Cells Discovered

While working in her lab, pathologist Lynn Allen-Hoffman discovered a petri dish filled with colonies of skin cellsthat, for some unknown reason, will not die. She was running a routine experiment on the aging of human skin, when shefirst noticed the group of seemingly immortal cells, in the midst of a colony of dead cells.

Most skin...

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